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Pregnant Woman-WARNING-Fluoridated water can harm your baby

WARNING Protect Your Babies From Fluoride


Health authorities now agree that fluoride should not be given to infants. Health
professionals, water districts, and the media need to work cooperatively to deliver
this information to parents and caregivers so they can protect their children.




Fluoridated drinking water contains up to 200 times more fluoride than breast milk (1000 ppb in fluoridated tap water vs 5-10 ppb in breast milk). As a result, babies consuming formula made with fluoridated tap water are exposed to much higher levels of fluoride than a breast-fed infant.

Dental Fluorosis

The risk from early-life exposure to fluoride.

the American Dental Association (ADA) warned
that fluoridated water should not be mixed into concentrated
formula or foods intended for babies one year and younger
in order to avoid moderate dental fluorosis (white, yellow or
brown stains affecting the tooth surface)

On December 15, 2006, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
stated that using fluoridated water for infant formula may
influence a child’s risk for developing enamel fluorosis

According to the CDC, 32% of American children have dental
fluorosis, a significant increase from 23% in the 1980s

A recent review describes fluoride as “an emerging neurotoxic substance” that may damage the developing brain as well impair thyroid function.

Recent research from Harvard University has found a possible connection between fluoride and Bone Cancer.

The Environmental Working Group analyzed government
data in March 2006, and found that babies are overexposed
to fluoride in most major U.S. cities. In Boston,
over 60% of formula-fed infants are over the safe fluoride
exposure level.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

•Consider using non-fluoridated, bottled water (Distilled) for
drinking, cooking and mixing frozen fruit juices.

•When formula concentrations need to be diluted, it is
recommended parents use low fluoride bottled distilled
water (labeled as “purified” or “distilled baby water”)
or tap water with a reverse osmosis home water
filtration system attached that removes most of the

•Avoid toothpast with added fluoride.

List Of Safe Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Fluoride free from Boots

Kiss My Face Kids Toothpaste without Fluoride



Natural Toothpaste – Whitening without Fluoride

TheraBreath No Fluoride Toothpaste

Jason Healthy Mouth Toothpaste (No Fluoride)

Dr. Kens All Natural Toothpaste


“it is illogical to assume that tooth enamel is the only tissue affected by low daily doses of
fluoride ingestion.” Dr. Hardy Limeback, Head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto.

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