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Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic Fabrication

You have found the most Complete Set

Step by step instructions


Acrylic Fabrication


On the internet today

Many are now finding hundreds of new uses for Acrylic,

These  instructional videos Are opening a hole new world for the Acrylic sheet industry.

After watching

the videos found  at www.sklo.us

You will have the knowledge

And know how

To take a flat sheet

And Fabricate it into a masterpiece

New Acrylic Fabrication Methods


This is whats Possible

 Please Note This Video Is Not One Of Our Training Videos

All Training Videos Were Filmed In A Studio

In High Definition

Never Before Seen Acrylic Design Videos from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.


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Places to purchase Acrylic Sheets


US Plastic Corporation

Interstate Plastics

Orange County Industrial Plastics

A & C Plastics

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