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We have created a short video that shows how to stop throwing your money away on stone-age advertising :-)



Empower Network | No Sell Approach | My Story from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

This short video is designed to help you understand the power of blogging.

If we have contacted you regarding this service, you will want to pay close attention to this information.

Owning our own Glass Company in Colorado for 11 years helps us understand clearly the struggles that small businesses face when deciding where to spend their marketing dollars.


Some common advertising avenues are:

1. Radio Ads

2. Phone Book Ads

3. Newspaper Ads

4. Fliers

5. Postcards or Direct mail

However the above forms of advertising, once produced cannot be changed.

Why PAY ONE TIME for an ad that may last 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day … or even just a couple of hours.  This advertising model is designed to bleed money from you for as long as you are doing business and is a VERY SHORT TERM SOLUTION for your advertising needs.

In the last few years we have moved into the INFORMATION AGE, at lightning speed with the age of the smart phone…

Where more and more, access to the Internet is at our very finger tips… giving us access to unlimited supplies of “on demand” information…

The power and ease of searching online not only from a computer but also from a tablet or smart phone makes the INTERNET a prime focus for REAL LONG TERM EXPOSURE of your business! 

Your customers SEARCH the web every day using certain KEY WORDS to assist them in finding the products and services they desire… that said most search engines use a series of algorithms to locate those products and services in the geological location in which the electronic device is searching from…

We have Advertising – Business – Solutions for you that will… NEVER EXPIRE!  This is with the use of BLOGS!

In our personal Example, we owned a glass shop in Colorado- if we use KEY WORDS to search the Internet for “glass repair” you will see that Google will Geo-target for those key words and see if anyone has those KEY WORDS in the area of our business.

The service we are offering to you is… BLOGGING for your business, using KEY WORDS that people will be searching for in your local and surrounding communities.  When people search…  and come across your business blog page, they will find information on the product or service they are looking for… but it will be coming from us “a 3rd party referral”.   What better advertising is there… then having a referral!

Google likes to index articles, especially with back links to reputable websites.  Blogging will also enhance your existing website.

This form of advertising will take us 3-4 hours for each post creation. We will be producing original, quality content, specifically for your community using key words, pictures, and videos.

This is a great NEW WAY to leverage your business and marketing dollars.


Empower Network is the blogging platform that is being used by thousands which is helping our content to rank higher on the search engines.

Another service we will include is the syndication of your business blog posts to 50+ social media sites so that you will get the MAXIMUM Exposure for your business!  You will also want to SHARE these blog posts on your WEBSITE or FACEBOOK Page for additional exposure!

Tags– are KEY WORKS used in the blog post that will tell the Internet search engines how to rank the content in the post.  We also use custom pictures, your business logos, your phone number, address, website and appointment scheduling if available within the blog post.

GEO-TARGETING is also an important aspect to our services.  The blog posts will be titled with specific key words providing a MINI WEB SITES (or blog post) on the Internet for your business.  These posts are also considered a 3rd party validation for your services and products to drive traffic to your business.

Your website now, is like a SMALL BOAT in the ocean of the Internet (having little traffic)… the LARGE SHIPS like FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE (get tons of traffic on the Internet) so we are able, with 3rd party blogs to link, or CONNECT more BRIDGES to your Website, so that it will make it possible for your clients to reach you when they are in need of your services.

SMALL BOATS (SMALL BUSINESS) in the Internet Ocean


EMPOWER NETWORK is also A BIG SHIP in the INTERNET OCEAN, our blogging platform ranks with the top sites in the world!

So we have reviewed WHY this would be a great consideration for your business, we are pricing this service at $100.00 per post… if you were to do 20 posts or $2,000.00 in marketing, this may compare to the cost of your phone book ad for the year, however you will not have to worry about your marketing dollars expiring, this will be working for you for years to come.

We are dedicated to YOUR SUCCESS and look forward to SERVICING YOUR COMPANY BLOGGING NEEDS!



Jamison & Rachel

If you are interested in just using this viral blogging system for your business needs in-house, you can purchase it here.  www.1ViralBlog.com

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