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Solavei Social Commerce Opportunity

Solavei Social Commerce Opportunity

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Solavei is transforming lives every day!  Solavei is the first social commerce network that provides an income opportunity to its members.

Financial incentives to share in the opportunity.

According to recent studies, the cell phone bill is the 2nd biggest expense in homes in North America according to CNBC.

People are being overcharged and over taxed on their phone bills.

With Solavei the sky is the limit!  The promotion ending the End of November 2012 has been a viral success for the company and its members.

When you have offset the cost of your cell phone by sharing with others, what other gifts can you have in your life.  One member used the $80.00 weekly that she was earning with Solavei to cover the cost of a professional housekeeper.  How many of us can say that our cell phone company PAYS for some LUXURY that we have never been able to afford before!

She likes the Solavei Trio Pay to a “coupon”… she gets a $20.00 cash coupon (commission) every time she shares and help three people sign up for Solavei.  We are helping with a cost that everyone is paying for ANYWAY!


Helping others financially and to reach their goals, there are so many practical and financial benefits for families and their members by simply sharing the Solavei offer.


With humility, compassion and excitement for others… huge teams are being formed in this company.  Our goal is to drive down cost and change lives.


Believe the vision and mission of Solavei… cell phone service is just the beginning.  One day at a time, those who really want to succeed are finding ways to use and share Solavei.

Help others save on what they are already spending money on.  Focus on 12 people in your fist month with Solavei, no member is left behind, find your sponsor and connect for additional team training and support.

Discover the 4 ways to get paid with Solavei!

The Fast Action Bonus, the Trio Pay, the Path Pay and Path Bonuses.

Path Pay is issued the Last day of each month.  So your Path Pay is calculated on the 1st through the end of each month to calculate your earnings with this payment.  Once the Path Pay is calculated, the Path Pay is paid out onto your pay card ont eh 12th of each month.

Trio Pay is based on the Anniversary date of the phone plan activation, and is paid mid month and at the end of each month.  Trio pay is determined by Activation date of each phone plan, not when the peopel signed up with Soalvei.

FAB or Fast Action Bonus is paid as soon as they enroll 12 persons in their personal downline and have created 4 trios.  The Anniversary of when they pay their phone service is a factor and is issued the 1st of each month.


Written by: Rachel Haponenko

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#3  I would like to save money on my Cell Phone bill and get unlimited
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