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RV Travel- Harvest Hosts- Camp in an RV at Farms and Wineries

RV Travel- Harvest Hosts- Camp in an RV at Farms and Wineries

Are you Traveling … Here is anther Tool for your Toolbox

Have you heard of HARVEST HOSTS?

Don and Kim Greene, are the owners and founders of Harvest Host,

they charge an annual fee for the network of host families that allow RVers to

dry camp at their Farms and Wineries for FREE at farms and wineries across the USA.

It is the FIRST network if its kind in North America.

Don and Kim got this idea after traveling in Europe where they have similar

offers and when returning to the USA could not find a similar organization to join…

SO they started their own network…

Its now 3 years old, they started in 2009 with 65 host

locations and now have over 407 all 48 states, 7 Canadian Providences and

Baja California.  The cost is $40.00 per year (SAME AS PASSPORT AMERICA

and other similar Membership), you can stay overnight or you can arrange

to work or buy product to support the local farmers/families where you stay.

And of course, relationships and friendships are formed with Members and Hosts

which may allow special stay provisions.


Your membership will allow you to search for the zip code or town you are near…

and the site will list the closest options for Hosts within 100 miles of any location.

This is a GREAT way to support local farmers, and find great places to spend the night.

Written by:  Rachel Haponenko

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