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What Would You Do if You Were Not Afraid? Nancy Sathre-Vogel at TEDxJacksonHole

What Would You Do if You Were Not Afraid?

Nancy Sathre-Vogel at TEDxJacksonHole

Nancy is a mom that believes in living her dream.
Her family has spent a total of four years cycling 27,000 miles
including a three year adventure pedaling from Alaska to Argentina.

She is now helping others find a way through all their limiting
beliefs to find the way to their dreams.

Find her blog here, read about their journey and their family:


or connect on her Fan Page here:


Leaving from Prudhoe Bay Alaska in June of 2008 for the cycling adventure
all the way to the southern tip of South America is documented to share
and help others grow.

Nancy, her husband John, and twin sons- Davy and Daryl are changed forever
as a results of pushing past all things that would normally hold someone
back and finding out what freedom for their family is.

Nancy is also an artist and displays her art here:


And on Etsy


Listen to the inspiration Nancy shares her on this clip from her
presentation on TED TV:

What an inspiration! 

Thanks for sharing your day with me Nancy :)   Here is a look at my morning… also a traveling family on the road, working from anywhere and enjoying watching our children grow and sharing adventures every day with them.  Here is a look at my morning

Living the Empower lifestyle with Jamison and Rachel #2 from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

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