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Empower Network GET MONEY Event Recap- Chicago 2013

Empower Network GET MONEY Event Recap- Chicago 2013


This weekend was an amazing!

David Wood and David Sharpe hosted the Get Money Event in Chicago Ill.  this was the 4th Empower Network event and was attended by over 5000 members of the Empower Network.   The Event was held at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago.

Our Events annually are in order of the flow of our business.

I.  “Don’t be a Wussy” (cuz you won’t survive in this business if you are a complainer or whiner)

II.  “Fight the Forces of Evil” (don’t let negative things around you discourage you in reaching your goals, build your belief and your personal conviction for your business)

III. “Release your Inner Bad Ass” (you have to find the strength and leader within yourself to make a difference in your business and your team)

IV.  “GET MONEY” (once you do the THREE steps above you will GET money!  You will have all the pieces in place to make your business a huge success)  Success and change do not happen slowly… DECIDE and change it can happen in an instant.

“Riches are what you HAVE… Wealth is WHO YOU ARE” Tracy Walker

Life is a journey, and in the legs of the race of life, you have to run the race…  and Empower Network gives you an EXPRESS PASS to get to where you want to go in life and business FAST.


The mindset training and the ability to learn as you earn is accomplished here at the Empower Network.  School charges you money to learn and gives you no guarantee once you complete your training, and once you purchase and owe the products at the Empower Network you can learn as you earn!  You are rewarded for Personal Development.

SET A GOAL to make ONE sale EACH day- what would you have to do to make that happen?  Follow instructions, Read and apply what you learn EVERY day!  You can overcome personal and financial difficulty in life, and we can share accountability by holding each other accountable for goals- SET A 90 DAY GOAL!Empower Extreme Team


120,000 members in Empower Network to date, $50 Million in sales.

$1.5 Million in commissions paid Weekly

Empower Network is seeing 400-600 new members sign up daily.

Empower Network is in the Top 175 in the USA and Top 400 in the World.

$1 Million Income Earners:  Vic and Tony Rush

What makes Empower Network Unique?  No home meetings required, no phone calls to prospects required!  This business will stretch you and help you grow.

Rach And I PIC


Know your WHY!  What is your purpose for being in this business?  Dig DEEP- your mission and purpose will identify your resources and believes and values that will affect your results.

Laura Parish- $33,700 in the past 90 days earned, she is a stay at home home with no experience 11 months in Empower Network, married for 10+ years and sober from Alcohol for 2 years, she showed us the power of FOCUS and the Power of EVENTS.    Have heart, passion, belief and focus on changing the lives of others- show genuine care and stop worrying about the money.

TEAM TESSA-  This was an amazing experience of this team leader making $134,000 with Empower Network, $65,000 earned last month!  Although he has worked online since 1999 and made millions working in other companies, he just started with Empower Network December 2012 and got ALL IN!

Message from David Sharpe: DECIDE NOW… Change does NOT TAKE TIME… Focus on helping others succeed and you will see your business grow! Believe! Surround yourself with like minded people and DECIDE that this Vehicle Empower Network CAN get you to where you want to go! LEARN QUICKLY and CHANGE QUICKLY.

TIP from Chris Record:  Learn to re-frame your experiences so that you can see each experience even if it is hard or painful as a  learning experience and a chance to grow and get better as a person.  Re-frame to manage your life-

TIP from Chris Record:  FOCUS ON WOMAN- successful women in your business can take you to new levels!  Work on gaining influence as you grow your business, grow your BELIEF!

THE POWER OF EVENTS:  Events create breakthroughs, create belief, gives proof of income from the leaders and provides PROOF that this is REAL and YOU CAN DO IT, if you decide that this is the vehicle to help you realize your goals.

TIP from Vick Strizheus:  (First of all… this guys is 29 years old!!!, barely graduated high school, came from the banking industry… and discovered his WHY and a burning desire to have his wife retired and able to stay home, and the ability time and freedom to be with his family and travel- started his journey 8 years ago)  TIP: THERE IS NO PLAN B- if you have a plan B you will fail HERE.  His mentor taught him to be the person NOW that you want to be- your self image is VITAL to SUCCESS.  BELIEVE IT- you cannot sell it if you don’t believe it!  Be teachable- to reach the vision.


Top 5 Tips from Vick-

1.  Grow yourself- this is your foundation, and will build your self image.  READ- recommended reading – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by THarv Ecker, Books by Bob Proctor, Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and Physcio Cybernetics

1a. Show others your Why (your lifestyle, this is what they want too- talk to peoples core desires, what are their dominating thoughts, you will attract people who are LIKE YOU)  You have to be- the mindset you have will come through to prospects.

2.  HAVE THE RIGHT VEHICLE and POSITION Yourself in that business vehicle to MAXIMIZE the Compensation Plan.  Your business model and the business you are working in has to be the right vehicle to get you to where you want to go.

3.  Personal development is vital.  RECORD your success- even small wins and share them with others and with your list (your potential customers).  DO FREE CONFERENCING or Google Hangouts with your team, give value, step by step.

4. Separate yourself from the masses.  Vick’s personal stats in Empower Network- $25 level- 59% upgrade to Inner Circle, 73% upgrade to $500.00 level, 82% upgrade to $1000 level, and 48% upgrade to Masters.  Build you confidence and help as many as you can.  Mindset and positioning are vital in this business.  In your team REMOVE ANY NEGATIVITY and protect your team from influences that will drag them down.

5. FORGET ABOUT THE MONEY.  Focus on making a difference to as many people as you can! GIVE GIVE GIVE!

Study those who have what YOU WANT.  Follow the leaders.

WOMAN IN THE EMPOWER NETWORK ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.  The Powerhouse women in Empower Network were on stage to share how we can truly support and overcome fear.  The need to be open minded to new things- meditation is important for personal growth.  Surround yourself with people that support you, show gratitude for all that you have.  So important to forgive and let go!


Lawrence Tam: 840 members sponsored to date… average income $60,000.00 monthly.  $25,000 TIP- YOUR BRAIN CANNOT TELL WHO IS TALKING TO YOU OR IF YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE SOUND OF Someone’s VOICE… Your audio trainings are like talking to your brain… YOUR BRAIN DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

TIP from Layla & Toby Black- READ DAILY… access … are you where you want to be?

TIP from Tony Rush:  Being at events is VITAL to the growth of your business, TRANSFORMATION Takes place at events.  Empower Network is a Leadership Factory disguised as a business opportunity.  YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Get what you came for… take action when you get home.  Borrow the thinking of people making millions and transform your life and business.  Live like you want to live.  Allow what you are learning to change the way you think, look over the shoulders of leaders- we are designed to be unstoppable.

From another Leader:  Check out the book by Susan Beasley- Mindset Shift

Dreams are illustrations in the book written about you.  Nicole Cooper

CONTEST RULES for Denver Event July 19-21, 2013

The next contest will be posted in your back office, but don’t miss your chance to SHINE and WIN at the next event in Denver…

1. Video on the BEST story from an Event (Due April 31, 2013)

2. Video on the Best Success Story (Due May 31, 2013)

3. Video on the Best Success Story (Due June 30, 2013)

Email your videos to WIN and be on STAGE.

Winners of the Video contest will come to the event with all expenses paid, VIP treatments, a personal celebration of YOU and will include a vote from the audience on the ultimate winners.



1. Video Hosting (that will take care of the problems with hosting that we have had with You Tube Recently) so you can host your Videos on the EN platform

2. a BAD ASS button has been added to the back office that will allow you to create a link that can be shared on Facebook (this will take the place of social media bar)

3. Your back office has been upgrades and modified to be more simple for all users.

4. Compliance Training is coming and will be in the back office as a part of the training for new members coming in. Empower Network is working hard to make sure all members are aware of their ethical responsibility to adhere to the laws with a network marketing business.

Casey is a new addition to the technical crew at Empower Network he shared the following advances that the company has seen-

Empower Network is 152 on Alexia and has 45 Million pages views, Custom infrastructure cost is approximately $50,000.00 monthly, number of servers – 25 for Empower Networks data… development for Empower Network is currently 25 projects right now around the world.

EN jpeg 2

Ah ha moments for me :)

1.  98% of my skill set is a result of my mindset- personal development and meditation is not a luxury in life… it is a must!

2.  Its NOT what you know… Its NOT who you know… ITS WHO YOU ARE!!!!  What are spending your time, energy and passion on?

3. Its SO important to be coachable, to use your unconscious resources and intention to accomplish your goals.

4. Life will give you whatever you are willing to settle for.

Recommended Reading

1. The Greatest Manifestation Principle in the world

2.  The 50th Law


If you want to connect personally and join our team, contact us on Facebook and we can answer any questions you may have about this amazing Leadership Factory and Business Opportunity.

Jamison Haponenko

Rachel Haponenko


Check out this link for more information, watch the video and JOIN US





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