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Solavei- The Social Revolution JOIN THE MOVEMENT

Solavei- The Social Revolution


Solavei is encouraging member to GET SOCIAL…. Drive traffic to Solavei, if you are not interested in home parties and making phone calls, find out how CLICK BELOW

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The VALUE of liking, loving and trusting those we do business with is very important, this is one of the core values of Solavei and the marketing platform they have developed.  Millions of dollars have been paid to members and the growth is only beginning.  with 169+ Million Mobile users in the USA alone, our market is wide open.

solaveiWith Cellular being one of the larger bills that every family is paying monthly (Average spending for each family in the USA is $71.00 we are able to make a BIG DIFFERENCE to the families that join the Solavei Movement.

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 The CEO of Solavei saw the trends with many other companies that use the power of Social Networking like Groupon, Avon, MaryKay… Person to Person.

solavei marketplaceThe Stats in the Marketing/Advertising industry also show the trends that support the massive growth that Solavei and its members are enjoying… with 47% saying that they trust what the advertisers are showing them, that leaves 53% of the $73Billion spent as WASTED due to no consumer confidence.

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Solavei makes commerce less expensive and even profitable for those that are willing to share the service with others.  Just like Costco and Sams Club the membership with Solavei and the upcoming Solavei Marketplace with be amazing for those vendors and customers that participate.

Solavei shareSolavei started with Mobile, but the Vision is much BIGGER!  Solavei is not branching into Goods and Services (Cable, Financial Services, Retail)

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Social Sharing is a profitable Business… the behaviors are Natural… Join us!

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Written by:  Rachel Haponenko

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