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Make Money with Solavei – New Solavei Marketplace

Make Money with Solavei – New Solavei Marketplace

Soalvei FREE VIP Team


Social Sharing has gone Viral… Anyone can join,

and anyone can SHARE

We (OUR FAMILY) Has had FREE CELL SERVICE for the past 9 months with Solavei :) … and we make money each month for sharing …

5 Elements of this Business

Social Media- Sharing

Word of Mouth Advertising

Online Banking


Mobile Phones

Everything the company is using and doing, are things everyone is using and knows about.  The Solavei pay card is opeing up a whole new Shopping Marketplace to help families save more at the stores you a visiting and spending money at anyway.


solavei marketplace 2

Awesome NEWS!  Online Marketplace… refer your contacts, and MAKE MONEY!  If you send your friends to go to your favorite restaurant… you will get paid if they are a vendor working with the Solavei Marketplace Program.  Small Business can get help growing with Solavei.  The value is coming back to all the customers that are sharing Solavei!  You make the marketing dollars for your family.

$49.00 for the mobile service, and a FREE home business comes with it… FREE website and “done for you tools” to make extra income for your family.

Lifestyle by Design!  Its the MOST Wonderful thing!

Solavei is an AWESOME COMPANY!  The Value is amazing!

What are the Stats for a Normal MLM Deal for people to stay on the program?  90 DAYS…  Do you want to build a business where you have to replace your customers every 90 days… that is INSANE!

With Solavei you don’t have these problems… people don’t like to change the Cell phone provider they are using, once they make the Switch… people will stay.  Solavei’s average users pay for their member service for 28+ months… or more.

54 PEOPLE ON YOUR SOLAVEI TEAM WILL MAKE YOU $1000.00 INCOME EACH MONTH!  This is a REAL, doable business plan.

If you are going to create huge growth, you have to find a HUGE problem… and fix it with a MAJOR SOLUTION.   Solavei has a great product and system…

The System the Solavei is creating with the Marketplace will be customizable for the things that you are buying anyway!  Goods, Services, Utilities…

Advantages for joining the Solavie opportunity:

54 members get you $1000.00 per month

You can Cancel your Bills with the income from Solavei… One at a time!!!  You can go on the mission to knock them out one by one.  Families all around the country are being helped by the Solavei mission.  We even have the opportunity to own shares in the company.  Awesome System!

Enroll TODAY!

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200,000 people in the company to date, and getting ready to explode!

Meet our family and CLICK the link, we would like to SHOW YOU MORE, the Extact System we are using to Promote and Grow Solavei.

Written by:  Rachel Haponenko

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