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Power of Video / Keys to Making Video (VIDEO INSIDE 1 of 90)

Power of Video (Keys to Making Video)

Day 1 of my 90 day Video Challenge, although it is a challenge, it is also the MOST powerful tool online for those that do not know you- to connect.

Some Keys to making good video:

1. Relax-


2. Write out briefly what you want to say and spend a few moments reviewing your notes when you are ready to get started.

3.  Take a few deep breaths and visualize in your mind all the people you will be able to help with your message.


4.  Do a test run- plan to look at the Camera when you are speaking- and visualize speaking to our customers or team about the message you have for today.

5.  if your test run is smooth- or even fairly smooth- PRODUCE IT

produce video

6. do another video-  it will get better and better but you have to plan on a little roughness with the first 10 even 20 videos… that is why a 90 day challenge is so great… but video 30 your confidence will be soaring and my day 90 you will be an expert and your business will begin to explode!

Be sure you title your videos with key words that people will be looking for.

Be sure to embed your videos in your blogs for additional traffic and syndication.

Then SHARE SHARE SHARE your video with others :)


Looking for a team to join?  We can answer all your questions!

Welcome from our family to yours!

Family pic 6-13




Till next time!

Rachel Haponenko


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