Welcome To Our Team

As the newest member of our Team We have 5 Special Bonuses for you that are included in the welcome letter that you have received.

welcome to team

1.  Please accept our invitation to our PRIVATE Facebook Groups, we are excited to have you connected to our team and community on this  site.

2.  We have a private Website for our team, please log in and get your user name and password for that site.

3.  We have a weekly Google Hangout for he team-  join us and bring any one would like that is interested in checking out the business and system we are using.

4.  Join us for the Q&A call Monday-Thursday – Join us for that call

5.  You will have access to our Auto Responder Series for you to begin communicating with your Prospects right away!


We are so happy to have you on the team, we look forward to helping you reach all your goals and connecting with you personally.

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JOIN US: www.StayHome-WorkWithMom.com

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Jamison & Rachel Haponenko

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