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Fun Times At Old Town USA FL 2013

Fun Times At Old Town USA FL 2013

Spending two winters jut outside of Kissimee Florida was an awesome time for our family, we were also able to meet some great family friends.  We enjoyed this Little Gem… Old Town in Kissimee Florida.

old town 1

If you are looking to spend more time and have more freedom to be with your family, reach out… lets connect :)

old town 2

We were just like many other families in the USA and around the world… until we decided to make some changes, decide that we would not settle for that lifestyle any more, and we have been moving in that direction ever since.  We are free to travel and work our business from anywhere in the world, and see our children grow and play.

old town 3

To: Doug and Karen and your whole family, thank you for the great friendship and memories… blessings to you always!

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Jamison & Rachel Haponenko

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