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env2- Leadership Training with Vick

env2- Leadership Training with Vick

How do you become great?  

Be sure you are looking at your business in the big picture… watch your association and be sure you have the right mentors.


Vick has been at the very bottom and now is at the very top.

He is committed to share and serve others and that has made his business explode.

You will be inspired to be GREAT!

Here, we are sharing rules for success…

1. BELIEVE that you can accomplish all your goals in business and lives. you have to believe it will happen for YOU.


Don’t be average at anything… be crystal clear about your intentions and your goals. You are deserving of success. Associate with those you wish to be like.

2.  have a CLEAR MESSAGE, know your why! watch other leaders- and pay attention to how they sell.  Your message has to be SUPER CLEAR- you have to know clearly WHY you are doing what you are doing. there is NO TRY- you DO or you DO NOT and you FAIL.


Your Belief has to be so clear that its like its already happening, how you talk about what you do matters.

Every marketing campaign- needs to tell your customers WHY… your message is very important.

These are the laws of success-

key to success

– Your why or intentions transfer to the subconscious of others

– Be authentic- don’t talk about struggles till you have overcome it there is no better industry in the world!

– People buy on ambition- PEOPLE WANT FREEDOM!


What you feel about your product matters!  You want to sell from your passion. Your core desire as a human

– you have to believe in your products 1000%

– Claim a LEADERSHIP role in your business… even if you are leading yourself at first, and then your team. Be a leader, to yourself first

– DECIDE Conscious Decision success will be attracted to you, be the best leader you can be work on YOU for 30 minutes to one hour each day. Share ideas, shut the garbage off (TV ect) and develop yourself.

Actions with intentions build on small successes and always be generous with information.  Share on your social medial outlets and people will begin to pay attention.

STAY HUMBLE- help others duplicate, celebrate small successes.

Help others get to where they want to go, people will be attracted to you.

viral blog

– Turn your marketing campaigns into events-give good content and always be learning new things, bring value to the marketplace.

– Be Irreplaceable-

– Always be focused on how you can automate and leverage your efforts, help your team to be successful NO EXCUSES Money will follow! Help MORE people, no push button system exists… decide what you want

– think outside the box and decide every day … NO excuses be sure you are selling something that you are passionate, the company you are promoting is very important. Make sure that your vision matches the company vision. work is done from the inside out… with env2 coming this month, you will want to position yourself to capitalize on the big opportunity, our company is looking for leaders.

Jamison Haponenko banner work with jamison

If you are ready for change and want more leadership training like you have seen today, join our team.  We are looking forward to connecting and answering any questions you may have.

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We will see you there… like, share and comment on this video :)

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