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Colorado Springs Technology Incubator- Viral Blog Demonstration

The quick demonstration to show the power of the viral blogging system for Colorado Springs Technology Incubator.

Today we were able to meet locally with the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator, to share our viral blogging platform with the mentors helping small businesses to grow in the community.  

MORE information about Colorado Springs Technology Incubator:

As a small business owner you make a big impact on your community.  Although running a business may not be easy, we want you to be aware of the resources available for you in the loca area to support you in business.

The Colorado Springs Technology Incubator is a non-profil organization run by entrepreneuers… for entrepreneurs.  There is a wide combinatation of specialtists in this organization to help you succeed.  The mentors avaliable range from startup pros, investors, community/business leaders, and industry partners who have a state of the art facility to turn your ideas into reality.

The Colroado Springs Technology Incubator provides an array of services at a reduced price that will accelerate your company growth.  The programs available 
will help guide you thorugh tough times.

Statitics show that companies that use the Incubator have a higher success rate because they learn critical business thinking and are assisted by the mentors of the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator.  Additionally more companies that use the Incubator in the early stages of business are more likely to receive third party

If you are looking for funding… another unique opportunity to connect with organizations like the High Altitude Investers of Colorado Springs, a public group
of angel investors.  The High Altitude Investors are administered by the Colorado Springs Technology Incubator who can help with capital from state governments,
ecomonic development coalition, commercial banks and investors.

Here is a summary of the team of mentors that you may be working with:
Dr. Ric Denton, CEO/President -Silicon Valley veteran with extensive experience in taking early-stage startups from conception to multi-million dollar organizations. 
Over his +30-year career, he has led the development, funding and commercialization of numerous new products in the areas of biotechnology, digital imaging, dental and digital flight control. As CEO of the incubator, Ric assists entrepreneurs with product development, funding, corporate governance, strategic partnerships, and their go-to-market strategies.  He holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in physics from the University of California in Santa Barbara. 
Accomplishments aside, Dr. Ric’s a laid-back guy who enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed.
Duncan Stewart, Chairman of the Board -Specializing in executive management consulting for startup companies. He works closely with clients to build their businesses and develop their go-to-market strategies. Duncan has a diverse background in R&D, general management, and marketing in the aerospace, defense, biomedical, and consumer products industries. He has extensive experience in writing and presenting business plans to investors, conducting market research, managing patent portfolios, creating financial projections, hiring technical and managerial staff, and partnering with manufacturers and distributors. 
He currently serves as the CEO for Grant Dental Technologies. Duncan  holds a B.S. in Management from the U.S. Air Force Academy, an M.S. in Aerospace Management from Embry-Riddle, and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame.
Mary-Fox, Operations Director -Mary has over 25 years in business and academic arenas, incorporating organizational expertise and administrative support for higher 
education institutions:  University of Maryland, Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University),  The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 
(INFORMS).  She also served as general manager/business development officer for executive suites in Denver and Colorado Springs. As Operations Director, Mary is 
responsible for the Incubator’s financial administration, facility management and vendor relation. Her undergraduate studies were in Business Administration and 
Accounting at the University of Maryland. In addition, she is the Editor and Publisher for Fox Meadow Publishing.
Dr. Roger Neeland, CTO -Technology Assessment and Application professional with over 30 years of corporate, academic and military experience in assessing emerging technologies and their potential value.  As the Chief Technology Officer for the Incubator, Dr. Neeland serves as key liaison for technology transfer programs, helping educational institutions commercialize their technologies.  He also provides technical guidance to Incubator companies and oversees our internship program.  Dr. Neeland earned his B.S. in Engineering Science from the United States Air Force Academy, an M.S. in Aero and Astro Engineering from MIT, and a Ph.D. from UCLA in Dynamic Systems Control. He is a certified Project Management Professional, a graduate of the Defense Industrial College (National Security Management) and a State of Colorado Professional Engineer.  He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Falconworks.  Dr. Neeland is an avid cyclist.  When he’s not working with startup clients, you can find him competing in races across the country.

Dagmar Brady, Marketing Director -Marketing professional with over 20 years experience working with a variety of industries (technology, digital media, sports, wellness and companies, ranging from Fortune 500s (e.g. Microsoft) to early-stage startups.  A veteran of numerous company and product launches, Dagmar’s expertise includes competitive positioning, brand development/management, media/analyst relations, lead generation and visual communications.  Her forte is creating integrative marketing programs that help companies connect with key audiences (customers, strategic partners, influencers, investors) and establish thought leadership. At the Incubator, Dagmar assists startup companies with their brand identities and go-to-market strategies.  Dagmar holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Colorado.

 Al-Brown, Senior Advisor -35+ years in the aerospace and defense industry primarily working with military and defense systems. His focus has been in opportunity identification, capture management, program management, market analysis, competitive intelligence, business development, and systems engineering.  Specific areas of responsibility include: market analysis, competitive assessments, and strategic planning for Space/Ground and Logistics Systems; instructor for capture management classes; in international business development; and systems engineering and operations. Following retirement from Lockheed Martin in 2008, he has continued to provide consulting services in the areas of Proposal Management and Strategic Planning.  At the Incubator, Al advises client companies in the areas of value propositions and strategic planning and leads workshops addressing various go-to-market topics.  His education includes a BSEE from the University of New Mexico and an MBA from the University of Utah.
Angela Angela Kangiser, Senior Research Advisor -President of Online Business Research, a Colorado Springs-based firm that delivers competitive insights to companies worldwide. Angela specializes in competitive intelligence, business, and market research. She speaks on business and competitive intelligence research and contributes articles to ONLINE and Searcher magazines, as well as other industry publications. At the Incubator, Angela helps early stage companies assess the competitive landscape and identify their unique value proposition. Angela holds an Economic Gardening Professional Certification from the National Center for Economic Gardening and is a member of the National Strategic Research Team, a select group of research specialists that service Economic Gardening pilot programs across the United States.

Satish Ayer, Technology and Business Advisor -Engineering professional with over 20 years of global technical management and business development experience in the semiconductor/design automation industry. Satish advises client companies in the areas of competitive analysis, market segmentation, business development and has assisted them in the implementation of complex business plans, including sales, marketing, product launch, pricing and financing strategies.  Outside of work, Satish has a passion for international travel; originally born in India and living in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  Satish holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.
Dan Ricci, Associate -previous work experience is largely in sales, yet his passion for business and entrepreneurship led him to delve into new venture creation in 
renewable energy and product distribution. He primarily provides research support for Colorado SpringsTechnolgy Incubator while pursuing a MBA full time from the 
University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. He is an avid skier and rock climber and loves to read. His undergraduate studies were in biology and biochemistry and 
he holds a BA in Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Board of Directors
Duncan Stewart, CSTI Chairman, CEO of Grant Dental Technology Corporation
Dr. Ric Denton, CSTI CEO/President
Alan Steiner, CSTI Chairman Emeritus, (retired Hewlett-Packard senior executive)
Laura McGuire, CSTI Secretary, CEO of Saligent
Chris Blees, President/CEO of BiggsKofford
Jeff Cooper, Managing Director of New Ventures Resources
Chris Odell, CEO of Lamina Systems, (retired Chairman of Fluke Networks/Danaher Corporation)
Tammy Fields, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance
DeAnne McCann, Economic Development Manager, El Paso County Budget & Economic Development Administration
Dr. Ramaswami Dandapani, Dean of UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Stephannie Finley, Executive Director, University Advocacy and Partnerships, UCCS University Advancement Division
Dr. Venkat Reddy, Dean of UCCS College of Business


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  1. Very informative blog. Thank you for sharing

  2. Jamison & Rachel, Great info about the Technology Incubator. Small business owners in the Colorado Springs area are very fortunate to have access to such a place and talented group of advisors. Great seeing you on video Jamison!

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