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What Would You Do With $25,000 | Casey Neistat | Best Video Of 2013

What Would You Do With $25,000 By Casey Neistat... Best video of 2013. The Internet Lifestyle Club

What Would You Do With $25,000 – Casey Neistat – Best Video Of 2013

I have been following Casey Neistat around for the last few years
I think Casey makes some of the most inspiring homemade style videos I’ve ever seen.

Casey has been a huge inspiration to me his videos really make you think about what life’s all about.

His video “Make It Count” Was a video he did for Nike a few years back. To this day one of my favorite You Tube videos of all time.

Click the arrows under the above video to watch the “Make It Count” video

However his newest video “what would you do with $25,000” is going to give it a run for it’s money, because in this one he really taps into your emotional side.

Casey if you’re reading this, I want you to know that you’re one of the reasons why I decided to take two years and travel the US with my family in a 40 foot motorcoach…

Man that was the best years of my life!!!

My goal is to help and inspire as many people as you have to “live their dreams”and “make it count”

I’d like to know what you think?which video of  Casey Neistat do you think is better? leave your comments below 🙂

Best video of 2013

The Internet Lifestyle Club


Jamison H

“What Would You Do With $25,000”

“Make It Count”



8 comments on “What Would You Do With $25,000 | Casey Neistat | Best Video Of 2013

  1. Wow guys best post yet made me cry!

  2. They were both awesome Jamison. I’ve never heard of Casey so thanks for the intro! P.S. I want to see our country via motor home as well. That’s one of my dreams.

    • Thanks Tim I’m glad you enjoyed both of the videos…Seeing the country in a coach is truly an amazing experience. The only reason we stopped is because my oldest daughter wanted to experience high school. We made many life long friends and created memories with not only our kid but with family members on both my side and my wife’s side…Like I said though two years were two of the best years of my life…And just think it was all made possible because of the turn key viral blog and awesome training on how to make income from Blogging….Just AWESOME STUFF!!!

  3. Hey Jamison!!! That’s an awesome post about what can be done with $25,000….. Thanks for sharing! I really appreciated it……

  4. Great post. The $25,000 video is oustanding. Just giving the money to an organization to deliver the goods wouldn’t even come close to helping all the people they helped doing it themselves!!!

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