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DID YOU KNOW?... Acrylic can take the place of glass products in many different applications • Stair Wells • Countertops • Custom Art • Translucent Wall Sy


Acrylic can take the place of glass products in many different applications

• Stair Wells

• Shower Enclosures

• Countertops

• Custom Art

• Translucent Wall Systems

• Partitions

• Balconies


• Quick Lead times

• Easy to work with

• Has a harder surface to resist scratches

• Reduce risk over fragile glass

• Fraction of the price of decorative glass

….Almost anyone can do this, even if they have no experience.

Our step-by-step video series will show you exactly how to design and build anything from large architectural custom panels to small decorative name plaques. Why pay thousands of dollars for custom slumped glass when you can design build with acrylic for a fraction of the cost. When you “Do It Yourself”, you can cut your costs to a fraction of what “retail” would normally cost. You will gain valuable insight on these special techniques that will last for a lifetime. It’s a fun learning step-by-step guide; you can quickly and easily start producing your own design pieces.

“I Thought Designing Amazing Art was Expensive (and Complicated).”

“Now There is an Easy to Follow Guide That Walks you Through A Step-by-Step Process of How to Design and Build, with Duplicatable results.”What will you create?

What if I’m not the “Handyman Type”?

No problem, everything is broken down in this. Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Video Series. I’ve been told by numerous people that the video series was able take even a beginner through simple and easy steps that anyone can easily follow to duplicate the results.

Acrylic Fabrication Videos New Processes Never Before Seen In The Industry… Over 60 Minutes Of Instructional Step By Step Do It Yourself Instructions

Now You Can… Turn A Plain Flat Sheet Into A Work Of ArtGet Your DVD Here Today!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this interesting product, Rachel and Jamison. You guys are quite versatile indeed. Major house innovation in about a year. Sorry can’t be sooner but I believe in do it yourself whenever I can.

  2. Cool post……learned a lot !! 🙂

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