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Team Coaching Part I -Blog vs Website, Customize & Brand

Empower Team Training Part I


Team Coaching Part I -Blog vs Website, Customize & Brand



Meeting with the team this week in my coaching calls, I have decided to document our coaching to benifit more members.

1.  When you get started with your Blogging Platform… Go through all the TABS Under your name on the TOP RIGHT of your back office… Here is what you will see…

YOUR NAME (and in the pull down menu- Home, My Blog, My Profile, My Account, Support)

Make sure you have gone thorough all the TABS in your back office so you can have your BLOG CUSTOMIZED for your business needs.

STEP 1- Go through the Fast Start Training

2.  Make sure you have GONE THROUGH ALL THE FAST START TRAINGING… it comes with your $25.00 Blogging platform and is worth Hundreds of dollars.

3.  Look at all the ways you will be able to


​When you customize in your back office:  You will see this:  Education and About You will show up when someone CLICKS on your Name in your Blog and it will pull up the BIO that you have created there…

STEP 3- Update Your Personal Profile


If you will be working as a team with your husband, make sure both your names are listed in the PROFILE, so that it will show up on your blog.


10 Blogs for Every $25.00 Platform- THAT IS POWERFUL!  

If you are paying for a website now is the time to re-calculate the cost.

You can ADD 10 BLOGS to your Platfrom as you would like, if you are promoting multiple business offers, or you want to have a family/lifestyle blog seperate from Business… as these options are avaiable to you.


NOTE:  The RSS Feed Option will only work in FIREFOX according to EN Support, so make sure you are using this browser if you wish you subscribe to the RSS Feed… at least until that is corrected 🙂


Suggested Tool from the Team:

Josh and Monica are using START MEETING to interact with their team, here is some information on that tool:

My Suggestion for the team: USE AWEBER

LEARN AND USE Aweber or a system that will start collecting and building your LIST… Click here to check out the system we use, you can gather your leads, prospects, customers, team members and have them all in your system that YOU OWN…

Any Questions…

Feel free to reach out, FREE coaching is available to you!



– you get 10 blogs that you can build out on every $25.00 blogging platform you own.

Guests Can Make Comments on Your Blog without Having to Create an Account.

– guests can come and comment on your blog- they do not have to create an EN account.


Dedicated to your success!

Jamison & Rachel



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24 comments on “Team Coaching Part I -Blog vs Website, Customize & Brand

  1. Thank You for the coaching session earlier!

    • Absolutely … Glad to have you here, and plan to set you up and support you to massive success in your business 🙂 Congrats on Showing up and making it happen!

  2. Wow, what a valuable post! Your members are very lucky to have you guys to guide them so thoroughly, thanks for sharing :o)

  3. Fabulous. Left me speechless!

  4. Wonderful post!! Great job!!

  5. Good post you two and great video Rachel about Blog versus website. Always good to be reminded. Love the picture at the bottom.

  6. awesome training, thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you Rachel! Very informative and helpful!!

    • Grateful you stopped by Josh and Monica, online real estate will help all the small businesses working at finding a way to create a strong online presence, happy to share with all we can reach!

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post for the Blogger Chicks to digest and use. It is wonderful!

  9. Thank you for explaining the difference Rachel! Great training information as always! (I couldn’t get the video to load previously)

    • I’m having some issues with You Tube 🙁 Glad the video worked for you 🙂 Blogging is a powerful tool and we are on a mission to share with as many businesses as possible 🙂

  10. Great information…..thank you for sharing!!

  11. Great step by step starter info for newbies guys, easy to follow.

  12. Funny how things work, I was just wondering what the difference in a blog and a website was and then here you are explaining it!! I believe Blogs can be more fun and definitely user friendly. Thanks for spelling it all out so simply:)

    • Sue thanks for your feedback, a blog is so powerful for so many reasons and is a great business TOOL for anyone interested in building online real estate for themselves or their business.

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