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Our Viral Blogging System

Our Viral Blogging System

Our Viral Blogging System

Viral Blogging System (VBS)  Cost $25/Month 

Each $25.00 Blogging system will allow you to Build out 10 individual blogs on this one platform.  No Additional cost, each can have its own domain name and can be customized fully.  The $25.00 monthly is a hosting fee for all the plug and play optiong you get with this great system.

  • Instant setup of your own “Viral Blog”Ready for you to begin posting content and marketing your business, product, service, or even personal content. You’ll be up and running within 30-seconds of creating your account!
  • Multiple ThemesYou will have the ability to choose from several “optimized marketing themes” that have been specifically created to include powerfully effective sales psychology built into them. This will ensure you convert visitors to your site into PAYING customers at the highest levels.
  • SEO ToolIncluded for you is a simple yet powerful Search Engine Optimization “smart” scoring tool that will automatically “read” each of your blog posts, and show you in simple text exactly what you need to include for the best chance of dominating the search engines. This will multiply how many people actually FIND your blog! (Marketers pay from hundreds, to thousands of dollars every month for this service—you get it for FREE!)
  • Drag and Drop TechnologyYou can use to easily upload your own custom header and side banners to your blog. This does almost everything FOR you—all you have to do is click your mouse!
  • Built in “Viral Sharing Muscle”This guarantees you get the most exposure from every post you make, and compels readers to quickly share your content with ease and excitement. This means even MORE traffic to your blog, and MORE potential for sales or exposure.
  • Advanced “Viral Commenting” SystemYour blog comments will show up in real time and inspire even more “digital” conversations on your site. Remember, rave reviews, lively comments, and more helpful content are what people crave on your blog. There is NOTHING more powerful than the “social proof” coming from other people commenting on your blog, and we’ll help you to easily get LOTS of it every time you post.
  • Peace of Mind For You!You’ll never have to worry about installing anything, setting anything up, or “customizing” anything, unless you want to add your own header and company logo to your blog. We’ll handle all of the rest for you! Our skilled programmers work around the clock to ensure your blog is always viewable and available for your customers.

The picture below shows you all the custom tools built into your system for you to use when you are customizing your business or personal blog.

A Blog is a powerful tool because every time you update your blog you are going the search engines new content to chew on, and that is how you rank on the search engines.  In addition you will be sharing your blog on Facebook and in all your social networks and comments, likes and shares also increase your rankings on the search engines.

You will be working with a team that provides FREE coaching to get your blog up and running.  We will be there each step of the way.

When you buy the blog it comes out of the “box” ready for marketing.

A lot of people will pay thousands of dollars to have a blog designed, usually by a designer – and later find out that most designers do not understand how to market. Design work and marketing are two separate skill sets.

The VBS is a blogging platform with a professional looking design, is fully customizable to meet individual needs and is set up to be optimized for your online marketing … if you buy it with that purpose in mind.

Many people use it for personal use, or to market their own businesses because it
is much quicker, easier and ultimately more affordable than getting a self-hosted blog set up.

Your Blog Platform will also come with a Mobile Phone App so that you can do voice, text and video blogs right from your phone or mobile device!

The current price of The Viral Blogging System is $25 per month with 100% of the $25 paid to the qualified powerline affiliate on a monthly, residual basis, as long as the customer stays active on the program.

You can get Started Now-

Click the button for your next step!


If you LOVE your Blog and you share it with others… You can offset your cost by earning and profiting 100% ROI with your 1st sale as an affiliate of this product.




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  1. Great looking post very informative, thank you.

  2. I love me some VBS!! thanks

  3. Chock full, as they say, of information. Blogging has opened up a whole new world and our VBS has really done it for me. Thanks for highlighting it and for yet another post of great value to many. Appreciate you.

  4. Chock full, as they say, of information. Blogging has opened up a whole new world and our VBS has really done it for me. Thanks for highlighting it and for yet another post of great value to many. Appreciate you.

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