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Live Hangout Tonight

I'll be LIVE and ON CAMERA  Tonight 8-26-2014 @  9:00 PM EST (NewYork Time) Simply refresh this page at 9:00 PM EST And the live video will appear  Be he

This information is time very time

After watching the above video

Follow the four steps giving in the training part of the video

Step 1

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Our Appologies… My Dumb Mistake for not record the Hangout the other Night 


In Service Of Your Success

Jamison & Rachel H



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  1. Love you guys

  2. Great info and I love how your team in interacting with you.

  3. Pretty exciting stuff. Many have been waiting for this announcement.

  4. Good post you two and useful information about iPas2 which I’ve been waiting to hear about it’s kick off.

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