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Getting Started With Your New Home Business

Getting Started With Your New Home Business

After doing some coaching with our New IPAS2 Members I am compiling a list of to-do and will be adding to it to help new members Navigae through the steps and questions we are getting on our coaching calls.

1. Complete all Steps in IPAS, Note any quesitons you may have, be sure to message your IPAS Coach and set up your coaching session.

2.  Once you complete all the steps of getting to know the IPAS system you will want to get into your Profit Maximizers-

SO the IPAS2 Franchise Style Business System is your ONLINE Storefront, People will come through your “store” and learn more about online marketing and requirements to run an online business- and then….

You will show them your Products “these are your Profit Maximers” they are designed to give you products that pay 70% commission on each product you sell, they are e-products so their is no inventory, and they provide TOP NOTCH training in Internet marketing, personal mastery and team training.

Once you have decided on your profit Maximers… You will want to think about the following:  REMEMBER YOU GET A BIG DISOUNT FOR GETTING YOUR PROFIT MAXIMIZERS IN THE FIRST 7 DAYS!  DON’T MISS THAT DEAL 🙂

1.  Need to customize your blog, you will OWN the Ad space on your Blog so you will be able to put links to your affiliate offers and customize theme, pictures, and banners on your blog… All this will help Brand you and will help drive more traffic, so take some time on this.

2.  You will need to think about a Domain Name (usually $10-12 for the year)  that will allow you to brand your blog with your Domain name and attach to your other advertising means.

3.  You will want to think about starting a Facebook Fan Page, this will allow you to brand yourself, advertising to drive traffic that is affordable and very targeted.

4.  You will want to get into Blog Syndication Groups, your coach can help you with this, these groups all others to like, share and comment on your blogs to syndicate (or share) them and help your ranking on the large search engines.

What else?  What other considerations are you seeing with your new members?  Comment below, I would love to learn from you 🙂

Dedicated to your success,


Rachel Haponenko


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