Your Tools? Your Sponsor?

Use your tools to find solutions When you have a question about a "to do" in your business... do you go to your sponsor for help? Or do you GOOGLE IT FIRST...

Your Tools? ย Your Sponsor?

Use your tools to find solutions

When you have a question about a “to do” in your business… do you go to your sponsor for help?

Do you have a sponsor that is in touch with you weekly? ย or daily?


Or do you Check YOU TUBE for your solutions…

Force yourself to be more efficient

Is there Traction or Friction?

Be sure to celebrate smalls WINS, are you helping others with your social media interactions? ย Are you replying to emials? Are you replying to your comments on your Video channel?

Find out what works, are you engaging your team?

You have to treat your business like its a REAL business

Build your residual income, find out who your target market is, and be very specific in your message and be sure to include a call to action for your audience.

Bridge the Gap between what you have and what your audience wants

Match your marketing to your market.

What is the best business advise you have to offer?

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10 comments on “Your Tools? Your Sponsor?

  1. Great comments! In addition, the tool I recommend is: An accountability partner. Don’t try to do it alone, you can’t. You also can’t do it running with the wrong person. So find the person who will fan your flame, lock arms with them and go all the way!

  2. How did we ever survive without Google? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Great read. I tend to forget to partner up, but when I have, it has been a great tool.

  4. Great post Rachel! Totally agree that initiative and personal accountability are such wonderful character traits. When our team member exhibit that, we’re just elated. Not for us, but for them because that means they’re growing and they’re hungry for knowledge and success. Thanks for sharing such great tips and questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Having an accountability partner is a must. Being able to mastermind with them also helps. Sometimes your sponsor is new just like you and you need to go to Google and/or Youtube for help.
    Great post Rachel. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Maria thanks for stopping by today! Accountability partners and the power of Google and You Tube to provide any extra tools and training is huge in our growth personally and professionally

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