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Who is in Control of Your Future?

Who is in Control of Your Future?

 Personal Responsibility… You control your future

personal responsibility

When working from home, your personal responsibility in your life and business will GROW LEADERS.

 Are you the kind of leader you would follow?

This is a questions I have to personally ask myself every day.  If I expect my children to follow my example am I earning that?  Personal responsibility takes all the blame away… gives you back full control of what is happening.

We don’t run a business, we run a leadership factory of people that are taking their lives into their own hands and determining their future by their determination to conquer the online marketing world.

leadership factory

Do you know where you’re going?

When your reason or you’re why is strong enough you will find away

KEY TO ONLINE SUCCESS:  Invest in your Education

Not just purchasing every course available online but doing a process of learning doing and then teaching

Do you have a lot of desire?

People will always watch what you do not what you say

so it’s important to be the kind of leader that you would personally join.

Always set a good example for your team by always being a student

being willing to teach others and doing yourself

Your goal should be to move people not product.

The more lives you can effect in your business the more successful you will be

What are some tips that help you stay personally responsible in your life and business?

8 comments on “Who is in Control of Your Future?

  1. Michael Allen

    Awesome Post! I love how you said we don’t run a business we run a leadership factory! Many people see it the other way around and then wonder why their business flopped. You have to establish leadership and duplicate that to whoever joins you on your journey.

    Thanks For Sharing!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Absolutely Michael, thanks for your feeback, leadership is a vital skill to massive success!

  2. Daphne Dobson

    Awesome post Rachael!
    I love the part that says that your goal
    should be to move people not products.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Daphne- People not products that is KEY. Thanks for your feedback today

  3. Rachel, thank you for sharing you awesome post. i totaly agree with you we have to invest in our knowledge as knowledge is the power and power is the freedom 😉 love n light good work

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Anna, bettering yourself and investing in your education is such a huge step to moving forward, thanks for your feedback today

  4. Sharyn Yuloff

    I’ve always invested in more knowledge…now I have to actually watch the video trainings I’ve paid for 😉

    • Jamison Haponenko

      Absolutely Sharyn, you will love the training… and investing in your education is the quickest way to massive success in Business and life 🙂 Rachel Haponenko

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