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Panama City Beach Florida – Unofficial Travel Guide

Panama City Beach Florida

Do you Love pristine beaches, white sand and emerald green waters?


After traveling full time with our family for about a month we pulled into Panama City Beach Florida. Panama City Beach is located in Bay County Florida on the Northwest part of the state there are 27 miles of white sand beaches and green emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  We fell in love with this place!

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We really loved it here we pulled in in the off-season but the small beach feel as well as the small-town community environment was very inviting

The RV park we stayed at was two or three blocks from the ocean and was perfect for our first month long stop with the kids


We were able to make some great connections and meet some families and connect the kids with others their age within a week or so

Panama City Beach is world-famous st. Andrews state park which is ranked third recently on a list of top 10 beaches in the United States, there are 700 undeveloped acres and Shell Island is a local favorite
The cities year around population is just over 12,000 and Panama City Beach Florida has an average of 320 days of sunshine per year the weather is subtropical was a year-round temperature averaging 74° which means awesome weather conditions for those visiting, The area also boasts one of the highest concentrations of bottlenose dolphins in the world


We were not there for spring break, but Panama City Beach Florida is recognized as the unofficial spring break capital of the US

Of all of our travel destinations this was definitely in our top 10 places to visit and possibly live seasonally


A great time to visit Panama City Beach Florida is late spring or early fall it’s still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities such as the water walking and hiking but it isn’t too humid

What is your favorite travel destination?

16 comments on “Panama City Beach Florida – Unofficial Travel Guide

  1. Have only seen the Gulf from St.Petersberg, Fl and we fell in love with the feel of that town, on our list for a vacation home! But uh oh, bottle nose dolphins?? Sounds like a Panama City is a place I need to add to our must-see list!

  2. Tiffany thanks for stopping by and YES Panama City Beach is a great place to visit and stay awhile! The ocean is just amazing and every day is something new.

  3. Adrianna

    Sounds like an awesome place to go!!! I love going to the coast and Vancouver Island, BC Canada. Granted it’s not as warm as Flordia is during the summer I love going out there and just relaxing breathing in the awesome coastal/mountain air. 🙂

    • Adrianna, you would love Panama City Beach FL the waters remind me of the Caribbean and the beaches are like white snow! Its breathtaking

  4. never been there, looks nice.

  5. My favorite place…hmmm…I would say Sedona, but since we’re about to move there, it’s no longer a vacation destination…Oh, Venice Italy is the next place we want to return to…thanks for The Moment of Travel!

    • Sharyn, Yes Panama City Beach should be on your list of Must Sees, the ocean and the unique beaches make this place a must see! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your next destination with us

  6. This looks stunning. Never been here, my family in South Africa, Sydney, London, New York, so I keep circulating between these places.

    • Annalize YES Panama City Beach FL would be a great detour to your regular destinations, the beach town, lots of great food and sunshine! You would love it

  7. Sounds like an amazing place to visit Rachel! I will add it to my travel list. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Dalita, absolutely my pleasure! This was one of our top ten in our two years of full time travel with our kids! You will love Panama City Beach FL

  8. We are moving to Davenport – Kissimmee – Orlando (area) Florida in June! I have already mapped out the closest beaches since we will be dead smack middle of the state 🙂 Panama is a bit far from where we will be but its def on my list to visit!

  9. Wow it looks amazing! Look forward to visiting someday. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful place 🙂

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