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Family update from The Haponenko’s

Thank you all, friends and family that have been following our journey since we closed our Business in Southern Colorado – One Stop Glass, Inc. in 2010.  That was such a strange time… closing a business with $1.8Million in signed contracts for the following year and having pressure from the bank about growing too fast and loosing some large sums of money due to another contractors bankruptcy and non payment from a customer…

Well it is what it is…


We decided to use this time and opportunity to show the girls that life is what you make it and you have to make the most of any situation and stay positive.  So we self-liquidated and downsized in all areas of life, we purchased our 40′ Motor Coach and drove away from the San Luis Valley and on to the next two years of full time travel with the kids.  Wow what an amazing adventure.

It was awesome to go from running a business that was running us… to working for each other and supporting our family from the comfort of home and from our laptop anywhere in the USA that we had an internet connection.

We met some great friends and also got to spend some invaluable time with family and made treasured memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Where is Jayda Now?

Jayda really wanted to have the high school experience… and so we did.  She graduated early from Liberty High School in Colorado Springs and is now running her growing Photography Business.  She is strong willed, hard worker, and smart business woman… we are very proud of her and also look forward to our future business partnerships and of course more adventures together.

Where is Megan Now?

Megan is done with School as well and is learning Japanese, learning the Piano, and is a fantastic photographer/videographer with some great editing skills.  She is working on some private contracts video editing and growing skills and talents every day.  Her following on You Tube continues to grow and she is excited about entertaining her audience through video.  She also loves to sew, and paint and draw.  We are so proud of all her accomplishments and look forward to her partnership with The Internet Lifestyle Club and of course more adventures together.

Whats Next for Dad and Mom

Well its been seven years since we closed our shop, and we have learned a lot of things since then.  The good, the bad and the ugly about working from home and being online and making a full time income from internet marketing.  After being knocked around quite a bit in this online world… we decided it was time for a change.

We are launching our New Business:

The Internet Lifestyle Club

this will be a Club of likeminded people that are interested in learning and growing online, helping with business grow and reaching more customers, it will include a lot of the education we have learned working online what to do… what not to do… how to build a successful game plan for your business, and some much more.  We will be conducting Case studies of members from all industries and how to create a customized game plan and formula for success that will take them to the next level.  We will be documenting these results and growing our Member base of success.   Working from anywhere has also allowed us to travel and have more time freedom… and that will be included in our business plan as well.

We are excited to enter the marketplace with products and services that are of high integrity, from someone you can trust, and being able to share our adventure with any that are ready for the journey.

Just wanted to send out this update to our family and friends so that if its been awhile we can reconnect, and if you see any way we can be of service to you and your business you will keep us in mind.

In Service of Your Success,

Jamison & Rachel 

If you would like to learn more about The Internet Lifestyle Club you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and here on our blog.



Please give us a brief update in the comments on how you are…

What you are up to these days, we look forward to connecting here.



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