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Acrylic Fabrication Videos

Acrylic Fabrication Videos

Are you looking for the best way to Fabricate Acrylic.

With over 11 years of developing and perfecting many acrylic fabrication processes.

Jamison Haponenko has decided to reveal all his trade secrets… Now many are finding thousands uses for Acrylic, these new videos Are opening a hole new world for the Acrylic sheet industry. You can now take a Flat Sheet and turn it into a work of art. So if you just want to learn yourself, or maybe just want a perfect way to train employees how to  polish, cut, bond, Carve, Shape, Bend, or Design Acrylic. you can now receive the very best training from… Sklo.us

The best and most complete Acrylic Fabrication Videos on the market Today

Never Before Seen Acrylic Design Videos from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

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Click Here www.sklo.us

Places to purchase Acrylic Sheets


US Plastic Corporation

Interstate Plastics

Orange County Industrial Plastics

A & C Plastics

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