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Wealth Masters International- REVIEW

Wealth Masters International– REVIEW

“SUCCESS IS A DECISION” – Wealth Masters International

“Success is a decision, if you do not make a decision today, nothing will change tomorrow.  Learn More:  www.NewMapToSuccess.com

Wealth Masters International, the world’s premiere wealth creation community, began in January 2005. Today, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry.

Wealth Masters is a completely debt-free company with unequaled power to help others create maximum wealth, health and wisdom, as well as experience success as they choose to define it.

Wealth Masters International

Compensation Plan Overview

By utilizing the resources provided, it is now possible for you to completely eliminate debt, dramatically increase cash flow, build greater self-awareness and begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Wealth Masters International Co-Founders

Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey are the visionaries behind Wealth Masters International. Kip spent 15 years on Wall Street and quickly rose to the top of one of the world’s most powerful investment firms. As a manager of millions in assets for high-net-worth individuals, Kip soon realized that the behind-the-scenes reality of money is dramatically different from what most of the working public is led to believe.

Karl came from a blue-collar background emerging from 22 years in the underground coal mines in Utah and later becoming an international top producer and award winning marketer in some of the world’s most successful direct sales companies. These divergent paths led both men to a “wake-up call” that challenged their assumptions about success. Today, as best friends and business partners, their shared vision has been to create an educational system and a business model that makes a life of abundance available to everyone willing to invest in themselves and apply Wealth Masters principles.

Wealth Masters Business Opportunity

The Wealth Masters International business opportunity puts the keys to true personal and financial freedom in your hands. In addition to offering the most innovative and lucrative compensation plan in the industry, the Wealth Masters business opportunity empowers you to help others transform their lives, as you build your own foundation of financial freedom. Members of the Wealth Masters International community are creating lives of greater wealth, health and wisdom by simply applying our proven formula.

No other company can match WMI’s holistic mentoring approach to wealth, health and wisdom. We have assembled the world’s brightest minds in every area of finance, fitness, nutrition and personal development. WMI has brought the perfect combination together in an unprecedented educational curriculum. As you build your Wealth Masters business, you’ll be taught exactly what you require to stay on the cutting-edge of the greatest wealth transfer in history, all the while helping others create lasting change in their lives. Each hand-selected expert, speaker and alliance partner has been subjected to rigorous selection standards for experience, results and integrity.

Become apart of the Wealth Masters community

The entrepreneurial dream is alive and well! There has never been a better time to join the Wealth Masters International community. Early on, we set a goal to take Wealth Masters International public within a few short years. We are well on our way for achieving this milestone! When this is accomplished, it has the potential to bring great rewards to our rapidly expanding community of Wealth Masters Consultants. Your timing has never been greater to take control of your life, to achieve true prosperity, optimal well-being and higher levels of personal success. We expect you to bring your work ethic to the table, follow our proven system and most importantly, HAVE FUN. When this formula for success is applied, success will all come together for you. Creating success and wealth in others is what we are all about. Don’t wait. Accept the challenge today and begin designing the life YOU want to live.


We are working from home, traveling the US with our children.  This opportunity has given us time and freedom.


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