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Empower Network- Finally Exposed

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A little over six months ago…

30 some odd people gathered in a smelly lil’ hotel room in Orlando Florida, and signed Non-Disclosure Agreements to take a look at something a little bit ‘off’ from the rest of the world.

45 days later, that group of 30 people had grown into an army of more than 10,000 customers.

Six months later, it was over 30,000.  (Yes, that’s PAID customers)

What started as a ‘lil’ Internet dream turned into a small city…

An Army — marching out into the world with a vision.

Internet Marketing System Testamonials from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.


The Empower Network allows you to use a viral blogging platform to earn money online now, and in years to come.

You can see from the video above that this company has seen amazing growth from October 2011 to now, and everything started with an idea, a dream that everyone focused on: the right things can change the industry for the better.

This unique system saw more growth than Facebook and Google when they first launched and has made home-based business people money like never before.

Many will doubt, but those with vision and drive are taking note by purchasing all the tools needed, learning new skills and pushing through all the barriers to success!

Congratulations to the 3,353 people who joined our team at the basic level within the last 7 days.

Since it all began, a total of 6 months, the Empower Network has grown to 28,000 total paid members.  There has been $484,499.00 paid in commissions THIS WEEK!  And, it all started with a thought, a goal to help as many as possible break through and make their first dollar online.

The Inner Circle of members now number 1,552 persons – creating $155,000.00 in monthly residual income.

This is incredible growth is because of the team efforts of the Empower Network.

All this effort came to a tipping point at the 1st Empower Network event in Atlanta Georgia where 1,200+ members joined us from all around the world for a private mastermind convention.  We were able to meet with our team and be introduced to new tools including our new automated webinar system.

LIFE IS A RESULT OF YOUR CHOICES!  Choose to JOIN US!  Our team is growing, we have training and support second to none!


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