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Nantucket Mass – Time – Freedom – Family –

Visiting the Island of Nantucket today to see my family.

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 Love the shopping, downtown, the beach and the lovely cobblestone streets of this great place.  Excited to be back on the island!   As I ride the slow boat over… I have been gathering and sharing some exciting facts about the history and interesting items of this great Island.  Here… I wanted to share.

Nantucket’s year round population is a little over 10,000, however in the summer there are as many as 56,000 people with cars on the island.

The unique Cobblestone streets were laid on Main Street in 1838.

This whaling community has access to sperm-whale oil which is considered one of the purest oils known to man, its viscosity is constant at any temperature and has been used in the space program because of this.

Nantucket is translated as “far away land” in the Wampanoag dialect.

Nantucket also has a rich history of light houses, the Brant Point Lighthouse is the second oldest in America, first constructed in 1746.  It was blown down in 1774, burned and rebuilt in 1782, burned and rebuilt again in 1783, Brant Point light was again destroyed in a storm.

During the 1800′s, most whaling voyages lasted 3-5 years.  During the whaling days, Nantucket was the 3rd largest city in Massachusetts, with a population of 10,000.  Nantucket was part of Dukes County, New York until 1691 when it was transferred to Massachusetts.  Only Boston and Salem were larger. Nantucket has more than 82 miles of beaches, it is a town, a county and an island.

The land area of Nantucket is just under 50 square miles.
The island is located about 25 miles south of Cape Cod.

Total real estate sales for 2005 as of Sept: $861,964,000 (up 25% from 2004)
Average price for a home in 2005: $2,054,000 (up 23% from 2004)
Average price for a lot in 2005: $986,000 (up 47% from 2003)
Residential property tax rate effective Oct. 2005 is $2.85 per $1,000 of assessed value

For more than 150 years Nantucket, served as the center of the world’s whaling industry.  In recognition of this heritage, the U.S. Department of the Interior designated the town a National Historic Landmark in 1966.

Nantucket’s special environment is well-cared for by the efforts of several environmental and planning organizations, including:

Nantucket Planning and Economic Development Commission,
Nantucket Conservation Foundation(owner of almost 9,000 acres of island open space)
Nantucket Land Council.
Nantucket Land Bank was founded in 1984 as the nation’s first local land trust; utilizing funding from a local real estate transaction fee, the Land Bank has purchased over 2,400 acres of open space to date.

 Island Facts

  • County: Nantucket
    Type of Government: Selectmen
    Town Web Site: www.nantucket-ma.gov
    Town Administrator: Open Town Meeting2010 Population: 10,172
    Percent change April 2000 – 2010: 6.8%
    Percent change 1990 – 2000: 58.3%
    Housing units, 2009: 10,636
    Households, 2000: 3,699
    Persons per household, 2009: 2.93Total Area – 82.75 square miles
    Land area – 47.78 square miles
    Persons per square mile 2010: 212.8Normal temperature in January – 31.3º F
    Normal temperature in July – 78.3º F
    Normal annual precipitation – 42.0″Language other than English spoken at home, 2009: 13.7%
    High School graduates, persons over 25, 2009: 93.5%
    Bachelor’s degree or higher, persons over 25, 2009: 41.4%Mean travel time to work in minutes: 11.1
    Per capita money income, 2009: $46,573
    2004 Labor Force: 2,157
    2011 Unemployment Rate: 9.1%School web site: www.npsk.org
    2003-04 Total Student Enrollment: 1,180
    Elementary: 537
    Middle School: 271
    High School: 372

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