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Facebook App for Empower Network

Have you seen the Tool in Facebook for Empower Network Representatives?

THANK YOU Vincent Webb :)

If you have not seen this video, take time to watch it today!

You will have to download the application on your Facebook and accept the disclaimer.

You will be prompted to link the Empower Network account YOUR USER NAME

to the Facebook Empower Application.

When you are using this application, you will be in Facebook the whole time, this allows you to stay in complainace and drive traffic to Facebook (they like that)

Inside this application you will find

Capture Pages (READY TO USE)

You can use on Advertisements and Solo Ads of your choice.

This is a facebook approved application so they get exposure, and traffic and the Empower Network is able to syndicate their data from reps, providing Social proof and has an activity tracker within this application.

You can also send all the built in links to Groups in Facebook.

The tools you have use within the application are Twitter, Linked In, and Google+, and other additional syndication tools.

CREATE BUZZ!  Connect your content on the Team sites!

You will have acccess to the $1000.00 per day Webinar as well as all your personal blog posts!

The Social Factor is a HUGE Help in ranking your content and having it show up at the top of Google!

You can also use the “Main Empower Blog Posts” to insure that you are getting at least one blog post a day, even if you have to use one created by Dave & DAve :)

The Banners in this Facebook Application can be used inside your blogs posts or other advertising you do for your business, here is a sample of what they look like.

Written by: Rachel Haponenko


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