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Do you want amazing results?

What do you think it is that separated the people that are getting results and those that are not?


You will ONLY SUCCESS with motivation and determination and having your mind in the right spot for success.  Based on my history, being able to compare the brick and mortar style business to being able to be “free” and “work from home” where you don’t have those accountability structures in place create a challenge in some ways.

So when are working in Network marketing or working online, what is going to hold you accountable to your goals?  Do you have goals?  What are you working toward?  Do you have  a team that you are connected to that will help you get through the learning curve?

IF YOU COULD BE DO OR HAVE ANYTHING… what would that look like?

Write your GOALS 101 today

101 Goals… write them now!  Be sure they are measurable and attainable.

It will be a stretch but will make you think differently… as you get deeper into the goals list, your subconscious will help pull things to mind that you REALLY want and will motivate you to succeed.


You have to work toward and attain your goals, one step at a time.  Your goals need to have a plan around them.  Your subconscious will help you get the plan in place… dig deep!

An example is when you have an important event coming up that you are looking forward to, (a wedding or special occasion) you know you will be there.  All week before that event, you are planning and taking steps to ensure your attendance and enjoyment at that event.  Your mind will work with you to meet your goals if you are aware of what is coming and what your reward will be, by working toward it all week.  We do this all the time, and need to apply these same disciplines to our business online.  The goals you set are commitments to yourself.  You have been given one extra step… A PLAN to ensure that you will be able to meet your goals.

DECIDE to make things happen!

Things will come your way, and they will help you meet your goals.  You will look for things that come your way that will assist you in meeting your goals, because you are AWARE of things around you that will help you reach your goals (opportunity that may otherwise pass you by).

Next most important thing to having goals is having a plan.  You need to know how you are going to get your goals accomplished.  A plan around the goals… to work toward accomplishment.




101 Goals are complete!

THE PLAN!  How are you going to complete your goals?

We will discuss how we are able to get organic FREE leads coming into your business.  You will have step by step instruction.

Our Personal PLAN:

We are marketing Solavei to market online and offline marketing.  Although Empower Network can be used to market ANY business opportunity, we are using it to drive traffic to our Solavei Business.

We are using YouTube for marketing by connecting our videos to our blog posts through our viral Blogging platform with Empower Network.  You will be able to take these concepts taught in the training video above to create the SAME results in your business.

You can even use the videos ALREADY done in our YouTube Channel to generate leads for yourself.  This will help you get tools in place while you are getting through the learning curve.  Videos are used to market for you once you open you own YouTube video channel, you will need to change the name of our video (if you upload it to your channel) and you will add your custom links… as long as the permission is given on the video you are uploading to your channel so that you can drive leads to your landing pages.

You can leverage the materials that are public for your use to market your business opportunity.  You get leads into your system by providing your link that people can log into so that you can capture their information.  You will need to INCLUDE a “CALL TO ACTION” in your written content below your YouTube Videos.  You can drive traffic back to Empower Network to gather leads for that business, or for any other business opportunity like Soalvei…


Empower Network is an authority Website, it is a seasoned blog site.  So all the members are able to use this authority to rank our content on the search engines on the internet.  Any sales that come into the Empower Network get coded to you and you get 100% commissions for those sales.

This is advertising that you put together about the company or a passion that you have will be able to rank with the help of the viral blogging platform.

Once you JOIN US (you can join here) www.empowernetwork.com/jamisonh

YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THE 8 CORE STEPS that you will find when you join and log into the Empower Network.  You will learn to embed the HTML code for the video into your blog post, and many other tools that are available that ANYONE can do to make their business succeed.

The Title of your Blog post is important… when deciding on this… think of what words people will be typing into Google to search for certain key words.  There are tools that will help you with Key Word Research on what would be the most effective titles for your business opportunity or article content.  You will want your title of your blog post to match or mirror the name of your video on YouTube.  Add a link for your YouTube video in your blog (you will learn all these techniques once you join as a member of Empower Network).

You can also add pictures to your blog posts and make them click-able with your business landing page behind them so that you can get more leads from your blog.  With these valuable links you will be more relevant on the search engines for ranking and will drive traffic to your blogs and to your YouTube Channel and to your primary business opportunity- or anything you are marketing.

Your content at the bottom of your YouTube posts will also need to mirror the content found on your blog post.  You are creating online real estate that will flow traffic to you from now and into the future.

Everyone has to begin Somewhere!

Begin today and add each day… new blogs… new videos… content that will pay you back!  Tie your blogs into your YouTube channel for extra exposure.  When you are set up with YouTube you are set up with one of the highest ranking search tools on the Internet, and the same thing is happening with Empower Network.

What kind of Real Estate will you build online?

What will be working for you in the future?  Every one has to start somewhere!  So don’t wait… get started, log in and start blogging, set you your affiliate account so you can get paid by Empower Network too.


That is an awesome thing! Continue to get more and more traffic from each of the companies you are working with! Stay CONSISTENT with your blogging and YouTube video Content, real estate online should be income producing… so think ahead about your location, the style, the layout for appeal and traffic.  You have to think about your clients… and you need a lot of traffic, you own personal empire of real estate online.

JOIN OUR TEAM, we will help you grow your personal brand.


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