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The Real Story Of Solavei

The Real Story Of Solavei

… instead of giving billions of dollars that normally would be exchanged between the marketing company and the businesses paying for their services, Solavei’s mission is to give that money back to the members and people using their service.

It all starts with an idea:

We have to realize as a society that barriers are being broken every day, Facebook and the social networking ability is exploding around us.  Facebook has changed everything.


When Facebook collects all my personal information… who make money?  FACEBOOK and the Advertisers that are paying for that information.  NOT YOU OR I.


When you share with Facebook “where you are”  who makes money?  Facebook and the Vendor you are tagging… Starbucks, Disney, or another location. NOT YOU OR I.

As you SHARE… they make MONEY.

SOLAVEI has a vision and commits to sharing $0.50 of every dollar of gross profits with their members.  The compensation plan is very unique.

Everyone involved in Solavei need to understand how to maximize the compensation plan.

First, lets look at the

Mission of SOLAVEI

To make commerce less expensive and even profitable for all members.

What is Solavei?

What is Solavei? from Solavei on Vimeo.

Is it hope? freedom? affordable phone service? a revolution? a movement?

Maybe all of the above, but Solavei is a social commerce Network that provides a unique income generating opportunity for members through its nationwide 4G Mobile Service.  It includes $49.00 a month unlimited voice, text and data included, there is a t $49.00 enrollment fee but no contract.

According to statistics: USA Mobile Subcribers

or MOST persons in the USA are paying $71.00 a month for their cell service.

No contract is important, because the company will be working for your loyalty with GREAT customer care, instead of locking you into a contract with a discounted phone.  We will show you how to share the brand SOLAVEI and MAKE cash, and you can then choose ANY phone you wish :) or pay bills… or go shopping!

Solavei Compensation Plan Overview from Solavei on Vimeo.

The compensation plan is based on a simple thing called a

TRIO- when one personal enrolls three more

There are two types of TRIOS-

Your Personal Network

– those YOU know and WHO THEY KNOW (this is called two degrees of separation)  When the compensation plan was written we wanted people to do what came NATURALLY instead of forcing unnatural behaviors like “multi level” or “% based on sales” or “5 to 8 levels down”.   Psychologists say the way to get a BRAND to spread viral is by allowing people to do what they do naturally.

So what is a natural behavior?  TO TALK TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND PEOPLE THEY KNOW.

Example: you go to a party with friends and your friend brings a buddy… this is a naturally occurring event that people are comfortable with.

another Example: you have tickets for a game and find 3 friends that can use the tickets but the one remaining ticket is given away to a friend of a friend, this is also two degrees of separation.

This is the basic concept of the compensation plan, but it will get much BIGGER than that- you will also get compensation for your overall network trios… the compensation plan pays on  you not only on personal trios but also

Overall Network Trios

— this can be 100′s or 1000′s there is no limit.

Solavei Compensation plan ways us in four ways

1. FAB Fast Action Bonus- you get bonuses for Trios you sign up in your 1st 60 days (1 Trio = $50.00 bonus) (2 Trios = $150.00 bonus) (3 Trios = $350.00) and (4 Trios = $650.00 bonus)

2. Trio Pay – you are paid $20.00 on EVERY SINGLE month that they pay and stay on the service, for every Trio in your Personal Network (Every One you know and Every One they know) (2 Degrees of separation)

Example: 1 Trio = $20.00      3 Trios= $60.00 (3 Pays for your service= 3 and its FREE)     4 Trios = $80.00   and   20 Trios = $400.00      every month residual income, unlimited number of trios you can be paid for!

THIS Compensation plan is a DREAM for Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers- the two tier affiliate program allows them to convert three for $20.00 monthly residual income unlimited and another $20.00 per three for the 1st and 2nd degree in your personal network.


3.  Your Overall Network Trios and Path Pay $50.00-$20,000.00 per month anywhere in your overall network.  The compensation plan also has pay for your Network, the SWEET SPOT in this compensation plan is 20 Trios or 60 people to add $1000.00 residual income to your bottom line monthly.

4.  The SOLAVEI compensation plan also has one time path bonuses build in so that when you meet the quota you get rewarded:  for example- 12 Trios = $50.00 bonus, 100 Trios= $2000.00     800 Trios= $5000.00     1500 Trios = $10,000.00     and 2000 Trios = $20,000.00      This is $37,500.00 in ONE TIME BONUSES built into the compensation plan.

Solavei allows you to have multiple phones and multiple businesses, so you can expand from your phone plan and start others to maximize the compensation plan.

4 TRIOS will pay you $130.00 per month which will pay your phone service and another phone service and if each continues to share, the income in unlimited.

Think of where you were when you joined Facebook… (no friends or connections) and NOW… (how big has your network grown with time and natural progression?)


Solavei will be the first to create an economic exchange of one billion dollars of Mobile/Social  dollars returned to the members for the financial benefit of its customers.  We are not selling a product, we are the provider of the service allowing the compensation to work and pay.  It is the frist in the Social Commerce arena.  The goals is to create 1000′s of thousandaires!

This company is redefining Success by putting billions of dollars into the hands of the people for during what they already do every day.

Success and Billions going back into the hands of the people!


Share the vision of SOLAVEI TODAY!

Your results are 100% of your Efforts!

Comment, Like and Contact us for more information.

In Service of your Success,
Written by: Rachel Haponenko


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