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Solavei Expansion – No Member Left Behind

Show me the money, Solavei has just launched and is excited to roll out the money that will be put back into the hands of the members.


1.  Value connection- Relationships are our most valuable assets, no person is left behind

2. Goodwill matters most, everyone in a team especially our new team members MATTER and helping others is a goal we will all have.  We will take initiative and take ownership and action to assist all members.

Solavei | Fab Breakfast With Ryan Werch from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

Solavei’s  unique income generating opportunity for members comes through its nationwide, 4G mobile service for $49.00 which includes voice, test and data mobile service.

No contract no credit check, merged with Social media SHARING from all members that wish to creates – the perfect storm.

The Partnership with T-Mobile as a provider was a carefully planned out decision with expansion into the international markets once the company launched here in the USA.

YOU profit as you share, and your purple pay cards are recognized in the community.


The mission and vision of Soalvei will go beyond mobile, the future holds agreements for servicing customers cable, utilities, and other things customers are doing on a daily basis.

Get enrolled and get started.

As we take a look into the back office of Solavei, you will see that our back office design is user friendly so that anyone can use it, share and start making an income that will offset their mobile service.

Empower Network | No Sell Approach | My Story from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.


LOOKING into your back office, you will create a unique user name and password and will be able to access your account from My.Solavei.com

The member dashboard changes after you get your FAB Fast Action Bonus complete, so the main dashboard will keep you updated on where you are in the process and in your earnings.

You will also see the “Network” and “Outreach Manager” to help you stay organized and keep all your contacts at your fingertips.  Under “My Network” will have a summary and all your personal connections (2 Degrees of separation for your contacts).

You will be able to check in on account earnings, the dash board is in REAL TIME and the earnings update is updated (pay periods are 1-15th of each month) and (16th-end of month) for your commission pay.

October 12, 2012 is the 1st payout on the Solavei commission plan :)   when a person has activated their service and their activation date is in the system, that is how you will know the billing cycle and  your payment cycle for that person.

If you see a small ($) sign next to their account that means they are still within their 60 days and eligible for their FAB Bonus (Fast Action Bonus).

You will want to HELP those who have not activated their service to do so, so that you can count their membership toward completing a trio.

Use the updates from MySolvei.com to communicate and share with your personal network.

“Service and Billing Alerts” will let you know if anything is due on your bill, you can add your Solavei Pay card for Automatic payment on any balance to make sure you are eligible for payment through the compensation plan by keeping your account active and current.  You cannot let your account go into suspend mode and get paid, if your phone is used the calls will be redirected to the Solavei home office so that you can get your account to “current”status.   Automatic Payment is available.  You can view your billing statements, and load the monthly bills you would like to see.  You are able to transfer the funds off your Solavei pay card and into your personal or business bank account if you wish.  There are NO FEES to transfer the money.

Keep up with the Solavei road tour, visit


Another great resource is EmpoweredLiving.biz for tools and training.

Be aware of all the items available in the back office to help run your organization and answer any questions you my have.


Solavei Vision En Espanol from Solavei on Vimeo.

In line with the mission of Solavei, we are expanded right now into the Hispanic community to help as many Spanish Speaking persons as we can reach.  No one gets left behind.

The first week in November watch for the roll out in the back office of new tools for the Solavei Representatives.


You are able to Text internationally now, but this service is not available if you are out of the country texting the USA.  There is NO charge and your within you coverage to Text from the USA internationally.

You will want to install your SIM Card as soon as it is received from Solavei, this will allow you to Test, port and activate your phone. You will get a text message with your phone number once you have completed this.

You can also activate your SIM card at:   Activate.Solavei.com

The USA has been the SLOWEST with technology in comparison to the world to accept the SIM card, so Porto Rico and Europe where Solavei is already expanding will be like wildfire, as they already are accustomed to using SIM cards.

HOT TOPICS:  The Reach The Beach Challenge just ended today,


T-Mobile has acquired METRO PCS, this means all the coverage area from METRO PCS will be added to the T-Mobile Coverage area.  Great opportunity for our members.

Keep an eye when you log into your back office the SOLAVEI SCOOP will keep you in the loop about any current items and corporate announcements.

Plan your work, and work your plan!


Written by: Rachel Haponenko

To Join Rachel Haponenko

Click Here Now to Enroll

===> www.solavei.com/rhaponenko




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