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Sales Prospecting Profit Model

Sales Prospecting Profit Model

OUR Goal is to help and change the lives of as many as we can reach, the next event for Empower Network, our marketing system is coming in January 2013 in Austin Texas.  Being at a live event in person can make all the difference in your life, it can take your business to new levels, just to be in the room with all the top leaders in the company.

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The tools in the Empower Network have been developed from successful leaders sharing their business tools and tricks.  Using Physiology and 5-6 years of experience building massive empires in the Internet marketing business platform.

Even those with very little computer experience the information in the Empower Network Educational Courses will get you through many learning experiences and moving you quickly into a profit in your business.

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The Power of Positioning

Bonus get value from 15K per month formula, this product is based off a lot of experience.  From thousands of sales from recruiting, and millions of information products.

If you take the principles and apply them in business, and duplicate what you learn, you will see growth faster than anything else you could be doing with your time and will be able to close 95% of your prospects.

This simple transformation in your life, how to sell, how to recruit, has to do with positioning.  How you look in the eyes of your customer the perception people have of you when you spend the time learning what is taught in the 15K per month formula.

The reason calling all your prospects is not recommended in this business model is because usually this is considered a low paying position and so  your positioning is off as someone in authority right from the beginning if you are calling all your prospects before they buy the basic product at $25.00.

Your focus should be to position the offer and make it attractive and compelling to prospects.  There are necessary elements that make this successful:

1. The front end of your business is the basic $25.00 products and then the system will offer the up-sells … products for $100.00, $500.00, $1,000.00 and $3,500.00.

2.  Continuity- Your drive to repeat and continue to get the offer in front of others.

3. Duplication- helping others have the same success.

4. and Personal Drive

Once this process is learned, you can complete these tasks in 1 1/2 to 2 hours each day.   The plan is two sales a day at the $25.00 level, once you complete this over and over you prove to yourself you can do it… its possible!  This formula allows for financial freedom.


Your Goal is two sales per day, put your blinders on and focus on that one thing that needs to happen, focus on getting people to the capture page so that you can begin or add to your prospect list to begin and build a successful online business.

Massive growth, the Empower Network Profit Model

Focus on two a day on the front end… that is it! David Wood’s personal promise.  Your life will change and it is easy!  Bringing 2 people per day into Empower Network for $25.00 is easy!  You have to believe it… to make it happen.

Get them to the Capture page and have them see the introduction video, it is tested and it converts!  The success of the rest of your business is going to depend on what you do with the people that come into your business.  You have to be willing to apply and do what you are taught.  Less time less people if you learn the techniques taught in these one of a kind educational trainings.

Don’t worry about making your own video before you are ready, just use what the company is offering so that you and your team can duplicate.

Focus on the 2 sales a day!  Personal Promise from Dave Wood :)   or you can request personal coaching from Mr. Wood and he will show you how to adjust your process.

Starts with Mastering the front end offer of two sales a day.  Opt in to the Capture pages that are tested and working. Use the tools you already have.

The rest of your business is what you do with the people that join your team, you will get help with instructions.  Be consistent and follow instructions.

You should not be on the phones all day and night, you want to work the system so you can have a life!  Bring more people to the capture page, high quality traffic will convert.  The followup after the $25.00 sale is having an accountability partner, someone that you can work with an hold accountable.  A running mate… or hire someone for $8.00 per hour to work for you and do that same job.

Every phone call will now be $500.00 per hour, for 20 to 30 minutes per day.  Once you master this, your calls will be worth $500.00 to $1000.00 each.  Pay attention!  Focus on the front end without your personal involvement, and up-sell your team.

Call new members and see what their goal is for Empower Network, what are they going to be using it for?  Assistant will call your leads AFTER they buy into the Basic System.  Call members ONLY… the $25.00 will sell by the email followup system that is in place from Empower Network.

Hire an assistant from the Philippines, or do this task for each other.  Set appointments for each other.  One hour each day to take calls.  We want to help each other, but we want to have a life, so schedule the times you will be available for phone calls.

You are not prospecting when you are on the phone, your assistant will welcome the new members.  You can use this for any business.  Ask needs based questions, and book them into an appointment to speak to you.  Emailing the list is the way to find the buyers at the basic program.  When someone purchases… we know the person has a credit card, a desire, and a goal to succeed.  We want to help him by suggesting that all buy all the products with Empower Network.


The assistant is not positioned to sell to the new member, they are a consultant, and making a way for you to up-sell.  Congrats on making a great decision.  Ask questions to help you get started.  Busy schedule, has some time to get a couple of people to get to the next level to see if you  qualify…

1. What made you decide to get involved?

2.  How much money do you want to make?

3.  How much time do you have daily to ward building your Empower Network business?

… so each week you have… (time)

4. how much do you make now? (monthly)

5. what do you do for a living?

6.  are you going to do exactly what we tell you to do, are you willing to listen?  Will you buy a product if you need it?

7.  How much money do you have have to purchase products that will help you get to your goal of…

8.  How much do you have monthly to market once you have the product and services you need?

9.  What do you want the money for?  How did you come up to that amount?

Be busy, don’t be available all the time :)

10.  There is one appointment open for him, can you make this appointment…. (20 minutes is what you will need to put aside) confirm time zone, jot down on your calendar, he will call you at… his phone # starts with…

Are you in front of your computer, you will need to register for the webinar I’m going to send you to the link:

CLICK HERE   open now and choose your time, get commitment.

Great to meet you and welcome to the team.


Now you have all the information to up-sell and get more quality sales after this information is gathered from your assistant.  The positioning is important.

Usually all conversions are at least $500.00 with Empower Network.  this is a good commission at 100% commissions.

You call back:

1.  confirm income

2. confirm other information and time commitment

Be sure to let prospects know that you can’t spend time with everyone, those that are willing to step up and be a leader, ask if they attended the coaching webinar.

What products do you currently  own with Empower Network?


I want you to blog every day for the next 90 days, can you promise to do that?  Each morning before you go to work.

One audio downloaded each day, and listen to daily.  if they listen to audios every day, they will be on the Monday coaching call and get the tools they need to sell and get better duplication.

Get you all in so that we can get you started on paid marketing… stretch… walk through the process of each product in the back office on each of the products offered by Empower Network.

This is an Empower Network PROFIT MODEL

Are you willing to do what it takes, once leverage takes play the growth is explosive.  Zero resistance in the close.  Learn these stills.  Don’t ask them to join, TELL them what products they will need to meet their goals to succeed.  You want to have authority when you sell a product, do you own all the products that can help others grow to their goals.

Believe in the products.

Commit to two sales at the basic level at $25.00 per day.  Get 10 a day to see the sales page and let the system convert.  Commit to blogging.  Find a work out partner.  Commit to the process!  Stop looking around, FOCUS your energy.

In Service of your success :)

Written by: Rachel Haponenko


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