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Solavei Review – The Whole Story

The Whole Story

Solavei Review

Solavei Review | Your Biggest Problem That Faces Solavei Reps from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

The Grand Revolution of Solavei has helped those that find themselves unemployed as well as those underemployed.  Solavei is the hottest new “home business” in the USA and soon Globally.  Solavei is a social commerce company providing mobile service that will save you money and pay you when you share this opportunity with others.

Join to Save… Share to earn income

Times have changes, and technology has created opportunities, everything is going online.  Everyone should be more diversified… marketing on phone and online, things today are moving at a fast pace… making a living is nothing like it was in times past.  Diversify!

Working Solavei part time or full time will help your family.

Story of Solavei

Solavei started with simple idea  “A single relationship has the power to make life better for many people,  friends,  family, business associates earn income … one relationship at a time.”  This cycle goes on and on… people making money for sharing the services… on bills they are paying already everyday.

Solavei took the idea and turned it into a company that can make commerce less expensive and even more profitable for everyone.

The entire world of commerce … profitable for everyone, your why is important – the reason you start… mobile phone service – already used by everyone!  We are all connecting ANYWAY every day on the social web, checking the weather, watching the news, from their mobile phones … in the palm of their hands.

1st Social Commerce Company, Built from the Ground UP

The use of Yellow pages is dwindling in value, research online and mobile phone applications are the future of commerce.  Things are changing, there is no job security, everyone is looking for plan B, Solavei offers you your own company to accommodate these changes in our current economy.

The world of commerce has allowed an opportunity to the 99% of people that could use extra help, your “why” knowing that Solavei will help with technology connect us everyday and make money while we are doing what we do naturally.

Solavei is the 1st commerce company to build its own social website, that works on your mobile phone (a mobile phone application).  This will allow you to run your business right from your Mobile phone.

The Leaders of Solavei

The leadership at Solavei can be seen in the whole leadership team,  Jim Ryan came from AT&T who is the head of product development at Solavei, brought the I-phone to AT&T.

Solavei offers two things that are unique to this opportunity.  One Solavei make commerce  less expensive.  HOW?  Projections are in place to add other services…  mobile service is just the beginning… the future will see gas, electric, cable, mortgage, goods & services, energy, deals and offers, and other services.  An example may be 20-25% savings on utilities with the opportunity added to made an income from the services paid through Solavei.  And the second… being about to earn a profit on bills and things you already do every day.


Study from the U-Stamp Mobile Survey SEPT 2012

Social commerce is alive and thriving on the mobile phones- the items people are purchasing are: electronics, food and drinks, office supplies, health and beauty items, luxury items, movie and entertainment, computer equipment, and digital content.

So the Brands, the BIG BOX stores want to figure out how they can get their piece of the PIE and how to get the mobile consumer to look at their offer.

SO Solavei is creating partnerships with Big Box stores shop now that will be on our Solavei mobile phone application, this creates a win win because we are asking to see the ads and deals, discounts and specials that are available from the Big Box stores using the Solavei mobile phone application and earn commissions on purchases.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook could see that Social Commerce is the next thing to blow up!

Solavei is the 1st Social Commerce Company

This is the best business opportunity in 25 years, however your financial success or failure is a direct result of the opportunity taken and the actions preformed to make it happen, you must do this!

Tony Robbins said “It is in your moments of decision… that your destiny is shaped.”

Every decision in your life brings you to a fork in the road, your decision should be based on your “WHY”… “WHY” do you NEED to do this?  Turn your WHY into a MUST!

Tony Robbins Said -You meet your musts in live, but you rarely do what you should, and you always do what you must.


Raise your standards … decide this is how its going to be.

4 Trends have created the Solavei opportunity

1. The economy taking a down turn, the decrease in the medium income, the drop in real estate values, the loss of Social Security pensions, and no job security.

2. The time of the offer- social media has incredible value by offering people a way to benefit from their relationships, making it better and easier. A win win for all.

3. The Mobile Revolution – Technology everywhere more connected than ever before.

4.  Direct sales new models like Groupon, KickStarter show that people are interested in sharing good deals & earning money through social networks, this affiliate referral marketing.

Market Potential:

Facebook Social Craze 2004

Apple I phone 2007

Currently 327 million cells phone in the USA

USA Population is 311 million

70 million  people are on prepaid networks, people moving away from 2 year contracts

One Billion users on Facebook and  3 Billion clicks per day

The Other Mobile Phone Providers:

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, Straight Talk, Family Mobile, Boost, Virgin, Cricket (COMPARE)  Solavei commission pay tops all the plans offered with these other carriers.

Solavei is the 1st company to create an economic linkage between mobile services, social commerce and social networking and technology.

“We give people the opportunity to earn income by using and promoting the service they are already consuming each and every day.”  Ryan Wuerch CEO of Solavei

Solavei | Will My AT&T | T-Mobile | Verizon | Sprint Phone Work With Solavei from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

Is there a strong leadership team? 

YES … the team is the best, brightest from the technology field and the telecom fields to make big things happen at their previous companies but making more happen at Solavei.  The leading tam from AT&T, Walmart, JP Morgan, Microsoft and T-Mobile.

Solavei has earned the attention of high level investors from Amazon, News Corporation, and other Venture Capital firms.

Outstanding  leaders bring direct benefits to the people and provide a win win win business opportunity to help others all around the world, the profit model is HERE at Solavei.


This is a NO RISK investment, no up front fees to join, no monthly fees for your Solavei Website, and the payment replaces your current mobile phone payment resulting in a cost savings.  The mission is to help change the 99% of families and create millions of thousandaires, a few hundred a month up to $20,000.00 per month, the residual income model is amazing.

Putting time and energy into Soalvei will be an investment that will provide an opportunity to double or triple your income, especially with the added services coming to Solavei in the future.  The expansion of Solavei will include energy, financial services, cable, insurance, goods and services, this opportunity is your own home based business.

When you own a business there are tax benefits.   On average 25% tax savings for those that own their home based business, all phone expenses would be zeroed by growing your Solavei business, your phone purchase would be tax deductible, and your home office and supplies would be a tax deduction as well.  You will want to talk to your accountant for a more detailed list of tax deductible items.

Solavei allows you to share with friends, family, business associates and everyone, share so they can save.  Small business is a great place to target market, Solavei plans allow perks for business owners and employees who can all benefit from sharing.

When your team grows to 20 trios you will earn $1,500.00 a month in residual pay, this is a game changer for most families.  With leadership and joining a good team you can make money with Solavei… TAKE ACTION AND JOIN TODAY!

Make a commitment to change WILL to MUST, and make sure NOTHING COMES between you and your goals, you need training, education, product service and support.

Join our team!  Get started today… today is only the beginning.

Written by: Rachel Haponenko


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