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Full Time Families- 1000 Days on the ROAD Celebration

Full Time Families- 1000 Days on the ROAD Celebration

Ok, we are not quite there yet,

today is DAY 461 for my family and I

on the ROAD as a Full Time Family.

Time and freedom to travel and be together has been an amazing adventure.

And today we CELEBRATE THE TRAVAGLINO FAMILY who are committed to Full Time Families and have been on the road and are CELEBRATING 1000 DAYS ON THE ROAD!


OF Full Time Families:

The Travaglino family is on the road WITH YOU!

Having a family of six are on this full time adventure and provide resources for families traveling.  Full Time Families is a well rounded community from the Website to the Facebook Group that provides advice, support, guidance, and opportunities to socialize with other families, and tips on stretching every dollar while making the most of your travels.

Full Time Families is committed to bring our families together at the

Family Rallys

and the Full Time Family Finder for members.

Full Time Families provide information about RV’s, destinations, living arrangements, and other questions that may come up for traveling families.

Savings – Full Time Families focuses on low cost and free activities to help you discover the world around you, by negotiating with industry giants to furnish our members with valuable tools at exclusive prices.

Education – Full Time Families has established lending Libraries in campgrounds across the country where you can switch out curricula, books, movies, games and family friendly media.  With the introduction of Adventure Express, members will be able to instantly download 50 state worksheets geared towards all school age children, helping you work your travels directly into your road school.

This organization is changing Lives, helping dreams come true!  Full Time Families are creating community in areas where we may have been alone.  We sincerely Thank Kimberly and her family for working hard for all of us, all of the families on the road.

Written by:  Rachel Haponenko


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