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TIME CURRENCY- How are you spending it? Living the Empower family lifestyle with Jamison & Rachel

TIME CURRENCY- How are you spending it?

Living the Empower family lifestyle with Jamison & Rachel

We all go through things in life that change us forever.

From childhood experiences, to teenagers, to finishing high school (or not) and getting into the work world, paying bills, driving a car… and years fly by.

Marriage, children, starting and growing a business… learning what real friends really are…

The process of life!

As we get older… the more TIME FLIES becomes a REALITY!


And learning or having it impact you that TIME is a CURRENCY just like MONEY… seeing your children grow and change into adults right before your eyes….

NOW IS THE TIME to look around and make sure you are using your TIME CURRENCY wisely and you will not have regrets when you are all “Grown” and alone with all your decisions from life.

We have DECIDED to change the way we think about making an income for our family, to use our TIME CURRENCY WISELY and to be the PRIMARY INFLUENCE IN OUR Children’s life and make a difference with the MOST IMPORTANT people in our world… our Children and our Family.

Want to learn more, TAKE ACTION TODAY

Join our team, $25.00 to start and unlimited income and time potential…

What would that be worth to you?  TIME AND MONEY… what is it worth… take the risk and find out what you need to know to TAKE ACTION.

Here is brief look into our afternoon with the kids… trails by Peace River in Wauchula FL on our mountain bikes:

Living the Empower family lifestyle with Jamison & Rachel # 4 from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

This is not about a product launch or moving from business idea to business idea… this is about a system that works!  One that will teach you what you need to be successful in this internet marketing industry.

How can you do the work now and let it work for you for years to come?  Can you turn the work you are doing NOW into a system so that your work will work for everyone in your team that can now duplicate what you are doing.

Systems and processes…. people doing work ONCE and it is working for you for years to come!  You cannot find this anywhere else on the web!

Everyone has fears about doing new things, but you have to surround yourself that share the mindset you need to make changes.

 Join our team, life life MORE...

About us:

Looking to join a team, lets connect… Decide today will be the

We have systems that are proven and produce RESULTS… Plain & Simple!

Ask yourself if the following describes YOU…

#1   I’d like to have a business that will Net me Six to Seven
Figures per year…I have some money to Invest but not a
lot of time…. I like to play Big and want to go Fast!!!


#2  I’ve have a great business, but I need to generate more
online traffic and more leads into my business. OR
I like the idea of getting paid for sharing my thoughts and ideas…


#3  I have NO time and NO money… but I do have a Smart Phone…
I would like to save money on my Cell Phone bill and get unlimited
everything for $49…I like the IDEA of getting paid for sharing
cool new thing with my friends…


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