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Rich Dad Poor Dad “Our Daughter Asked How Can I”

Rich Dad Poor Dad


Robert’s Rich dad and the success he shared with Robert is a great story that has changes many lives.  Both of his fathers had advice, both his Rich Dad and his Poor Dad.. but the results that both his dad’s produced in their lives… made Robert’s future and shaped his choices.

Kids have a choice, and sometime their thinking needs to be formed BEFORE the fortunes are made, often many contrasts in points of view.

Reflection and asking himself questions… think and choose, a process of comparing points of view proved to be very important for Robert.  The subject of money is  not taught in school and that is a sad thing for so many.

Money is not taught in school, financial skills are not taught… and so many struggle financially their whole lives.  What does the future hold for those that did not get this vital education.  Money education is left to parents, who are often poor.  The power and effects of our thoughts is a huge lesson brought out in this story of Robert and his Rich and Poor Dad!

Ask “How can I”

so that your brain will go to work figuring out the solution.

Be aware of your thoughts!  Thoughts and actions make all the difference.


Watch our new video: on the beach with the kids…

Taking time to answer questions from the kids… growing up… TAXES… “Dad how do you know how to do taxes when you grow up and move out?”

A great Read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

Living the Empower family lifestyle with Jamison & Rachel #5 Anna Maria Island from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

Does your money work for you? 

The POWER OF FINANCIAL EDUCATION is life changing and allows you to build wealth.  Learn how it works.  Simple rules that change life’s.

Having your own business, and the tax benefits for doing so and the Time Freedom is an AWESOME thing :)

6 Lessons- Guidelines for changing your financial future found in the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Keep going… Don’t quit!  Determination is a MUST!

Don’t blame others, take full accountability for your actions and your RESULTS!

Adjust your beliefs, don’t play it safe, take RISKS And WIN!

Don’t try to change others, CHANGE YOURSELF!

Most people QUIT rather than LEARN what they need to to increase their financial IQ.

Don’t work for money!

FEAR keeps most people at their jobs, most become a slave to money.

Learning to have money work for you is a completely different study.

Have you ever thought that a LACK of Financial Education is a result of many frustrating things that deal with Financial health… understanding taxes, wages and the value of money.

Most people never see the trap because their vision is too narrow!

Most people have a price because of Greed and FEAR.. and that is the pattern that sets the pattern for their whole life… THE RAT RACE!  Only a few people find their way out…

Money is in control of their thinking and of their emotions… and their decisions.  Desire is a good thing, to want things that are better… but it’s short lived and money cannot sustain that emotional high.

However, FEAR- of gaining and loosing… controls all the actions of most!  Everyone needs to step back and learn to master the power of money, and learn not to become a slave of it.  When you learn to handle fear and deisre so you don’t end up a high paid slave.  A self inflicted fear that keeps people trapped.

Great education in a traditional school or college and and career is not enough.  You have to work moment by moment, to make a decision not to close your mind.

Always look for opportunities that are in front of you, things that you would have lost if you were working for money.

Can you learn to make money work for you when you are not ever there?

You have to be financially literate.

Its important to know the difference between the assets and liabilities…
many do not know the difference.  Assets are things that put money in your pocket
and Liabilities take money out… simple as that… YOUR cash flow is what tells the story.

Financial Aptitude:  Skills you can learn to make money work for you.

#1 expense for most all households in the US is TAXES, if you find yourself in a hole… STOP DIGGING!  Does what you are doing make sense?  Do you fully understand Money and the power it could have over you?


and want to learn more…

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