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Officially Branded product that comes in a FREE and PAID version!  This will be a GREAT enhancement for the community that is building teams online and offline.

Building relationships in Solavei!

FREE FUNNEL System:  This will help you take some of the manual tasks and make things more automated for you business.  You will have a Lead capture page and a video presentation, and a way for you to collect information from your prospects.

These systems will continue to be upgraded by Solavei’s Corporate team to make it the best for all members.  The System will give your prospects many opportunities to get started with you!


PRO SYSTEM- The Paid system priced at $19.95 monthly:

From an expert blogging and SEO expert using the system, the PRO system with Solavei will be for those that are more interested in marketing their Solavei business on the internet.  Loads of content built in to the system, a blog, a website tour, videos and many other tools.

The Pro System is VERY exciting!  The plug and play system is just what is needed for members!  Check out every link and see all the options that are available to you.

The LIST for your business is VERY important, Solavei will be holding your list and helping you build your Solavei Business.  Incredible tools that are cutting edge for all members to take advantage of the system.  Auto-responders are provided- proven and tested!  If you love Solavei’s videos you can use them from the back office, or customize your videos.  You can even create videos in other languages.

FREE Funnel system is included, the step by step system takes you from beginner to expert marketer!  Everything in the system is customizable!

When people go to your landing page, they go to a video tutorials on Solavei and also get entered into your auto-responder series of pre-written emails that will drip on them for weeks to come.

The advanced marketing tools allow you to track and split-test, create your own videos, buy leads and do solo ads.  Even a video capture page is available!  Click the START THE TOUR BUTTON- and see the video tour!

Read the details!  The system is awesome!  The training is all in the system.  The system also offers Do It Yourself Lead Capture Pages- all customizable.  You can make things very specific and can be used to target a specific audience.

The PRO TOUR-  You can send people to your tour site, and they can take a video tour, and they can JOIN your TEAM from your site!  The full marketing info and questions answered, learn about compensation and rank with Solavei.

Great Testimonials can be found on the new marketing Solavei System, this can give them the needed information to get started today :)

Offering full support for every member of the team is very important.    The form on the front page of the website will be where your leads will come into your business, and traffic sources will be available too.

THE MARKETING SYSTEM IS THE DOORWAY to your SOLAVEI Business.  This new system will introduce a new person to the culture of Solavei.  Many of these tools are automated, so it will save you time and be working for you when you are not even logged into your system. The system will do the selling for you.. the videos are in order to close sales for you!  One of the key features is a way to change your CORE WEBSITE… you can change that when you want and you can change your landing page at any time.  This will be helpful when you are attending a marketing event and you want to change your landing page to match the audience you will be talking to.

The Video Funnel will be closing sales for you too, the call to action will be clear and get those who are interested to TAKE ACTION!  The Blog option will be a way to generate organic and FREE traffic, attraction marketing.

If you want to generate leads, the re-direct page can be changed or use the default that has been build by Solavei.  All is customizable and flexible.

If you are overwhelmed?  Just start sharing Solavei… take the system step by step and you will be up and running quickly.  The system will track the progress with the prospect, and it will track the correspondence and allow you to take notes on the prospect and progress for each person looking at Solavei.

The New Marketing system with Solavei will help you manage your team and your prospects, you will be able see opened emails and follow up emails, and also if they have clicked on any links.

Warm market inviter: that will allow you to get information to friends and family that may want more information on Solavei.

Be sure to use the Solavei system to tell your story, people buy from people… and people don’t buy product… they JOIN TEAMS.  Having this knowledge is very powerful!  And of course you will be able to connect on all the social media sites that are available to share Solavei.

Blogging will help you with the internet search engines for rankings, so writing articles about Solavei will help your business and your attraction marketing.  You will want to use key words that people will be searching for online.  You will also be able to imbed videos from Solavei and put that into your blog to drive extra traffic.  You will be able to use any You Tube Video that you choose to embed into your personal marketing system.

Be sure to double check your settings, fill out your story and get your system set up to Promote Solavei.  The Swipe- will allow you to have pre-written ads that can be used to promote Solavei in different marketing areas.  The tracking tools will help you keep track and close sales, and you will receive email notification for the prospects visiting your site.

You will be building opt- in codes that will make your business sky rocket!  The System Solavei has developed will be the game changer for many in the industry that have been waiting for more advanced marketing tools to generate leads online.  Even special pages for special audiences, and the system will help you with these custom pages.

This video will take you through the whole system and help you determine if it is right for you.

Coop Advertising is available!

If you are looking to join  a team, connect with us :)   We are growing and supporting our team to the best 2013!

Written by:  Rachel Haponenko

Solavei How To Get To 100K Per Year from Jamison Haponenko on Vimeo.

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