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Empower Network- When the Leads Come In

Empower Network-

 When the leads come in…


Leads are coming into your Empower Network Business…

To connect to prospects personally is very important… there are so many opportunities out there that people are searching for, and distractions to lead them away from your offer it is


VITAL that you connect and stand out as a leader in order to attract the buying customer to your business!

With the Empower Network System you have buyers coming to you… signing into your system and looking for a leader to show them the way to success.  This unique business allows you to stay off the phones and focus on bringing traffic to the system and the sales will come from the system sales process.  However, the leads coming in are still individuals that have been looking not only for a real business that they can be successful in but also a team to join.

Although it is not recommended to be on the phone before the prospect makes at least a $25.00 commitment to your business which is the Basic Blogging Membership- there are other ways to personally connect.

Here are the things that I do for our business when a lead comes in:


1. Aweber sends notification to your email inbox that you have a new lead on your list.


2. Take the email from the lead information and put that email into the “search” on Facebook and see if that person has a Facebook account, you can Send a friend request and a private message here (be careful because Facebook will limit your activity if too many are sent here)


3.  Then from my Gmail account I add the lead into my Google+ circles (under acquaintances)  this will be used later when I want to syndicate blog posts I will send blog posts out to all the people in our Google+ circles to get additional traffic to my blogs, which helps the content and blog rank higher in the search engines.

4. Also from my Gmail I send a brief email to introduce myself here is a sample of what I send-

(You can also Automate a message in Aweber or your Email Management server)

(Name) I just wanted to connect

I know you must get a lot of emails,
but I want to make sure we connect
So I can answer any questions you may
have about Empower Network, you recently
signed into our website for more info.

Find me on Facebook

Look forward to meeting you,

Rachel Haponenko

Just something brief so that each lead knows that we are real people and that we want to know them personally and to see them succeed in reaching their goals.

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