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Dwarf Syndrome – Hello My Name is Terri

Dwarf Syndrome –  Hello My Name is Terri

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Hello, My Name is Terri, and I have Dwarf syndrome.  I’m sharing my story because I would like to connect with and help as many as I can that may have the same disability as me.  I would like to connect with you – Comment and share below… Thanks :)

My name is Terri here goes a little about myself so everyone knows who I am.

I have three brother’s who I love very much I’m the only girl out of four kid’s.

I have a disability. I’m 2 feet tall it’s no joke.

I use to live with my mother which she pasted away almost two year’s ago from a brain tumor and cancer. They gave her three month’s to live but she ended up lasting seven month’s and us four kid’s had the time of our lives with her.

If I could change thing’s I would have took her spot, she was my life and world and tell you the truth she is still my life and world to this day. I know she’s watching over me and making sure I do the right thing’s and making the right choices in my life.

Thank you, Terri

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What is Dwarfism? 

Well it is a physical condition where a person is much smaller than ordinary.  In most cases- extreme shortness.  Many may wonder why we are so small…. Our appearance is affected by a medical condition known as dwarfism.

What Helps?

It helps to have a strong emotional support system from family members, friends, advocacy groups and social networks.

What are the Causes of Dwarf Syndrome?

Dwarfism is mainly associated with certain genetic disorders such as achondroplasia, Turner syndrome and growth hormone deficiency. In most cases, it results from a random genetic mutation. In about 80% cases of achondroplasia, a person is born to parents of average height. He/she receives one normal copy of gene and one mutated copy of gene, related to the disorder. Turner syndrome results from a random deletion of severe alteration of X chromosome, either in egg or sperm. A deficiency of growth hormone can also lead to dwarfism. It is likely to be associated with genetic mutation. Poor nutrition and hormonal imbalance are other causes of dwarfism.

What are the Symptoms?

There are more than 200 various medical conditions associated with dwarfism. Therefore, its symptoms may vary according to the spectrum of disorders. Generally, dwarfism is categorized as disproportionate and proportionate. In case of disproportionate dwarfism, the body size is not in proper proportion. Some body parts are small, while others are normal or above size. In proportionate dwarfism, on the other hand, the size of whole body is smaller than average, but all body parts are small to the same degree.

Article Excerpts:  By Reshma Jirage

Help and support?

If you know someone who has dwarfism, you can help with challenges and function in a number of ways-

Seek help. The nonprofit organization Little People of America provides social support, information about disorders, advocacy opportunities and resources. Many people with dwarfism stay actively involved in this organization throughout their lives.

Modify your home. Make changes to your home, such as putting specially designed extensions on light switches, installing lower handrails in stairways and replacing doorknobs with levers. The Little People of America website provides links to companies that sell adaptive products, such as size-appropriate furniture and everyday household tools.

Talk to educators. Talk to school personnel about what dwarfism is, how it affects your child, what needs your child may have in the classroom and how the school can help meet those needs.

Talk about teasing. Encourage your child to talk to you about his or her feelings, and practice responses to insensitive questions and teasing.

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 Hope this has helped provide information and maybe connect to someone who may need help with this disability.

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I write blogs to help others… and earn money at the same time…  if you have a disability and need to make additional income… I would like to show you how, click below to find out more :)

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Written by:  Rachel Haponenko & Terri

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