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Dancing with Great Grandpa

Dancing with Great Grandpa

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Treasured Moments

Jayda and her Great Grandpa enjoying a dance.  Treasured every moment with him, he was amazing and taught us a lot of about our history and lessons learned in his life.  He will be greatly missed but treasure the hope that we will see him again, in all his youthful vigor.

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So thankful for the time we had.

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In Loving Memory of Uriel John Ortiz

In Memory of Uriel John Ortiz Funeral arrangements for Uriel  John Ortiz are as follows: He will be cremated as per his wishes this Friday June 12, 2013. Services will be held at 11:30 am on June 28th at the National Cemetery 6501 South State road # 7 Lake worth, Florida. Uriel John Ortiz was born in Manhattan on July 19th, 1926 On October 18th 1944 he went to the Navy and served in the pacific campaign. He served on the aircraft carrier Shangri-La among other ships and fraught in the battles of Saipan and Okinawa. He was discharged in October 1947 and spent some time in California with his uncle Alex before returning to his family in New York. He met Catherine Rivera at a mutual friend’s wedding. After a short courtship, they were married on September the 24th 1949.  He started working for the postal service and then they had two Children, a daughter Myrna and a Son Uriel Ortiz Jr. while they lived in the Bronx. They then moved to Middletown New York where they spent the years from 1967 to December 2012. There they we members of the Bloomingburg congregation where they made many lifelong friends.   Dad worked for the postal for 30 years and retired at age 55. He leaves behind his wife, son, his 3 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren.  We will all miss him and his smiling face, and him saying, oh yeah!


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