The Incline Colorado Springs – Manitou Springs, Colorado

The Incline Colorado Springs-Manitou Springs,Colorado   This is picture hardly gives the Incline justice The Incline is located just outside of Colorado Spri

The Incline Colorado Springs-Manitou Springs,Colorado

 This is picture hardly gives The Incline justice!


The Incline is located just outside of Colorado Springs In a small town called Manitou Springs…

…I’ve been wanting to tackle this beast since I heard about it 3 years ago

The Incline begins at about 6,500 feet in elevation and climbs to around 8,500 feet in less than one mile.

That’s A climb of two thousand feet in one MILE!!!

 The average grade of around 40 percent with stretches that hit more than 60 percent.

This is a SICK stair climb…

It’s like racing up the stairs of the Empire State Building …Twice.

How Many Steps Does The Incline Colorado Springs Have?

The Incline has 2610 unevenly spaced steps / railroad ties, it’s nothing less than a staircase up a mountain 🙂

 We learned very quickly it is impossible to run it…

Is The Incline Officially Illegal To Hike … WHY?

The Incline has parts of it that stretches across private property…

Although hundreds of people everyday ignore the “No Trespassing” Sign

Hundreds can be found climbing every weekend.

….And thousands climb it every year…

U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs And The Incline


 The U.S. Olympic training center of Colorado Springs

Has many Olympians that utilize the Incline of Manitou Springs as part of their workout routine…

In fact many from the Olympic Training Center refer to the Incline

As the high altitude “Proving Grounds”

Have you climbed the incline or somthing like it?

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10 comments on “The Incline Colorado Springs – Manitou Springs, Colorado

  1. Great post you two and what a climb. You did great to do it in an hour I think I would still be going up there. Having walked a part of the Great Wall of China I know what it’s like on uneven steps but the altitude and incline you were doing was awesome. What a view you had there.

  2. Wow! I’m not sure what else to say. Good job of story telling in the video–really enjoyed “being” there virtually. Thanks for taking us with you.

  3. That is one of those hikes that makes you thankful that going back down is easier!:) Amazing views!

  4. Looks like a crazy and amazing hike! After having climbed Mt. Fuji and some pretty crazy mountains in the Alps, I am pretty sure I could make it up, but I don’t think my knees could handle the way down anymore… Cool post! Thanks!

    • Thanks Becky, The Incline is pretty awesome my knees started getting sore on the last quarter of the decent…there is a back way down that is not as harsh I noticed a lot of others taking I’ll have to try it next time…All in all it was a lot of fun…. I bet Mt. Fuji was amazing…I have skiing in the Alps on my to do list.

  5. Great blog – now I want to do that hike… one day 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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