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2013 Year End Review

2013 Year End Review 2013 has been a jam packed year for our family.  At the Beginning of 2013 we were in Florida for the Winter, I made some great friends...

2013 Year End Review

2013 has been a jam packed year for our family.  At the Beginning of 2013 we were in Florida for the Winter, I made some great friends… Ms. Kimber Sparks and her family- boy how I miss today our long walks, water volleyball and nights in the hot tub 🙂   We had a blast taking our kids to the Full Time Family Rally and connecting to loads of other families that are traveling full time as well.

I also connected with Mrs. Julie Muller of Chicks Connect- this wonderful woman on a mission to connect ladies all around the globe is doing an amazing job and is spreading the support of Chicks Connect all around the USA and Canada, Julie is a great inspriation to me and will be someone I will mastermind with long into the future.

Our girls made some great life long friends at this time as well… So glad to have Neva, Lanie and Lizzy close to our girls 🙂

Jamison and I traveled to Chicago  and were in Dever Colorado for the Empower Network events to meet our team and mastermind with other leaders, that was a great time!  

On a personal note we were able this year to spend a number of months in the Fort Lauderdale area with family and our grandparents, forging a bond that was much needed, growing as a family and learning alot about our past and where we all came from.  Jamison uncle Uri and Lori were wonderful hosts and we had some amazning memories as a family.  


Jayda has expanded her work on Facebook and Twitter to supporting a number of businesses and embracing photograpy to enhance her professional skills at 15 🙂 and we are very proud of the responsbility she has taken on and the wonderful woman she is becoming.

Megan loves her Music and Art and for 13 I guess that is the way it is.  She wrote a great essay on a song with deep meaning this year and was recognized by having the piece entered into the coming class lesson plan as something other students will be able to enjoy.  She is a wonderful artist and I know this next year will bring more or those expressions forward.

We spent almost a month in the San Luis Valley Colorado this summer with family and our great friend Kylene.. making fun memories and buring our first memory capsule to be opened in 10 years.

And ending our year in Colorado with more wonderful family we were able to be here to welcome home our nephew Collin now a Senior in High School.  We have been working on helping him with work a car and all the other fun stuff that goes with growing up.

We also celebrate going into our 3rd year working full time from home.  WOW that has been the most wonderful accomplishment, traveling spending time with our girls, working and playing on our terms.

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