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Reach Your Goals- The Proven Formula

Reach Your Goals- The Proven Formula

VISION- is a big portion of reaching your goals in business.

Did you know… your Raticular Activation System is going to help you reach your goals, or keep you from them.

The Raticular Activation System controls your behavioral motivaiton and helps us to FOCUS attention on something that we decide we are moving toward.

You need to first focus on the reason WHY you are doing what you are doing.

If your goal is to get to $10K a month… BE CLEAR about that!

There are a couple of successful ways to make money from home:

1. Normal Affiliate Marketing- take a product someone else made and re-sell it to earn a small commission.

2. Network Marketing- include product sales, but also team building and allows you to earn from the efforts of others as well.

The business model we are using is a combination of all these business models combined to create a formula to fix the things not working in your business now-


1. Bring in two new customers a day with a product sale or as an affiliate in your team, if the price is right, this will not be a big decision for them to make.

2.  Follow the training steps (eight core steps we will provide for you and do it every day)

3. Make your vision a reality in your mind-


We provide sales funnels, that will help you reach your goal of a minimum of 30 leads a day to come into your business so that they can see your business plan.  If you bring in at least 30 leads a day you will be at 2 new sales a day within 90 days… Can you commit to this?


We have a special training call for new members and those interested in looking a t our business every Monday night at 9pm EST, you will want to commit to this training every week.  Also our company has LIVE events, you have to commit to be at the LIVE EVENTS for the company, this is a vital aspect of being successful in busienss.  Live events allow you to connect with your team and meet the leaders, the owners of the company, create reslationships and mastermind to massive success!

BONUS: Your CLEAR VISION is what you WANT and what your MOTIVATION is that will get you to where you want to go in your business.

Our business includes:

1. The Power of Unity- Synergy

2. Submission- NO EGO- we are in Student Mode, and show Humility to make massive gains in our lives

3. The Spoken Word- We live the way we speak, we don’t complain about anything we can fix.  We have vision and we know where we are going and focus on the blessings in life.

There is NO TRY- only to DO or NOT TO DO


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8 comments on “Reach Your Goals- The Proven Formula

  1. This is amazing and I am never surprised coming from you. I hope you have great success with this Rachel (and Jamison). Great post.

  2. Great post and video you did here Rachel about Reach Your Goals- The Proven Formula. Loads of good information and constructive advice. Yoda always speaks the truth 🙂

  3. Great post!! Just do it!!! 🙂

  4. Envisioning your goals is KEY. Keep your goals in front of you every day. How else do you know where you are going if you don’t study the map?

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