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Empower Network Compensation Changes 2014

Empower Network Compensation Change 2014, Core Products and All In Club

Empower Network

Compensation Changes 2014

Our partner, Lawrence Tam lays out the changes that are here with recent Compensation Changes at Empower Network.

Today we are focusing on helping people in home business realize the importance of the 1st CORE commitment in business-

 Getting all in, emotionally and owning the products you need to succeed in business.

Your Goals have to be specific and by when commitment…. Expample I’m going to make $10,000.00 by July 1, 2014… Visualize it!  See yourself accompishing your goal… what will it feel like?

What is the peace you will FEEL when you have accomplished your goals and you are providing for your family in a way you knew you could!


72 hours to get a significant discount!

What does it mean to be all in?

Own all the CORE products to be successful in any home business, on or offline…

Here is a look at our CORE PRODUCTS

Viral Blogging System $25.00 per month-

to build your online real estate online, a necessary product to bring your customers to your front door from the search engines that will drive traffic if you are producing fresh content every day for your business.

The Inner Circle Product $100.00 per month-

This product is to teach YOU personally on your down time, to help you overcome and limiting beliefs and fine tune your professional mind set- VITAL for success!

The Costa Rica Intensive Product-

ONE TIME $500.00

This product teaches Team building at a whole new level – as an affiliate you can sell this product over and over and over and over, but only have the one time imvestment.

The 15K Formula- ONE TIME $1,000.00

This is our Tactical Product- the Nuts and Bolts of Online/Offline Marketing, building a team and business building from home or anywhere

The Masters Course ONE TIME $3,500.00

This is a Principle Based Coaching Program from the Top Leaders in the Industry and Company, allows you to Master your business thorugh this coaching program


Every 90 days around the USA

Get to the company live events, and bring your whole team.  These events are not only personally transformational but they also allow you to expereince the culture of the business, meet the owners of the company, the leaders and to mastermind and make personal connections with fellow members.


TIP:  People will do what YOU DO 🙂  So commit and do in your business every day, get all the products you need to be successful and get the results in your life that you yearn for.

Get to it,

and have an amazing week!



12 comments on “Empower Network Compensation Changes 2014

  1. Very nice job,. And don’t you just love Lawrence Tam…I look forward to my chance. It gets closer every day and so worth all the effort. ANYONE who joins you will be in the best hands ever. Thanks so much, Rachel. I value the quality you and Jamison always give us.

    • Chris appreciate your input, understanding compensation plan and changes in Empower will help us all grow faster, and blogging to add massive value for our prospects

  2. Thanks guys, LT really makes it a lot clearer and so exiting to realise just how this will affect our businesses!!

  3. the new comp plan is badass, love how this company is really for the people

  4. Great post again you two. As usual Lawrence tells it as it is in a straight forward way. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. The changes to Empower’s comp plan and other changes coming are very exciting. Thank you Rachel for sharing this info and the breakdown, it will be very helpful for folks to understand.

  6. YES!! this is a great video that will get a LOT of people very excited! thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. YES!! this is a great video that will get a LOT of people very excited! thanks for sharing 🙂

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