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IPAS2- Update for the Team

IPAS2- Update for the Team We are soooo excited about the launch of IPAS2 as we know you all are as well :) Here is an update that just came out today with a

IPAS2- Update for the Team

We are soooo excited about the launch of IPAS2 as we know you all are as well 🙂

Here is an update that just came out today with a sneak peak of the system and all the things we will be getting with that.

Some of the recent delay has been the Accrediation Process from Empower for any 3rd party system that will be marketing Empower, which is a really good thing. Also the recent compensation changes at Empower had to be adjusted inside the IPAS2 System.  For the protection of all using the system- these things are very important to have covered.

This system is very uinque and we are super happy to be apart of the Prosperity Team and the IPAS system.

Traffic + Offer = Buyer Sales

This is GOOD STUFF!!

This system as you will see in the above video… is going to SIMPLY take our buyers through the process and education of why Empower is the BEST System for them, and how it all works from start to finish.

Support is going to be off the chart…

Coaching is going to be available and coaching training for us all…

The system will be complete!

The IPAS2 System will be worth the wait, so be patient, there are plenty of systems  out there that DON’T work… This system contains the components of HUGE success!

Did you notice on the Tour of the Program:

1.  Ease for new people to come into the IPAS2 System

2.  The focus BUYERS- with Multi Step Checkout System

3.  Sale of IPAS system- A done for you Solution

4.  70% commission on Sales through IPAS

5.  IPAS2 system- 5 Step System

STEP 1.  Introduction-

Game Plan – Goes to Coaches  (Can chat with coaches and schedule a phone call)

Meet your Coach- Bio Suplied for those wanting to get to know their coach

STEP 2.  Formula of IPAS2 System-

Introduction of Empower Network and how it works

STEP 3.  Empower Network Products and Compensation Plan- sign up as Affiliate Fee with Empower

STEP 4. Learn about Products- Your Profit Maximizers

STEP 5. Tutorial to Connect IPAS2 to Empower Network Account- this will activate the IPAS system tabs and get all the tools turned on.



We are dedicated to your success, and will be updating all in the team on changes and any important news as our new system launches.


Congrats on Sticking with it!


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12 comments on “IPAS2- Update for the Team

  1. I can’t wait !! Thanks for sharing the update 🙂

  2. This does look pretty amazing – did he say it was going to be free for everyone in Empower Network?

  3. Very exciting update from Chris Jones about iPAS2, as everyone is anticipating its release. Thanks for sharing Rachel.

  4. Thanks for sharing the ipas2 update

  5. Really looking forward to this release. Many thanks for the update, Rachel and Jamison!

  6. Thanks you two for keeping us up to date with events. Very informative video which explains it all. Thanks again.

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