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What is a Sales Funnel? How does it work?

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What is a Sales Funnel?

How does it work?

A sales funnel is what you use to attract customers to your business, if you are working online, you will do this with consistent blogging, and paid lead generation as well as social media and other outlets to let others see what you are all about and what you offer in your business.

TRAFFIC goes into the funnel, and you will need to average 30-50 leads a day to get consistent lead flow and sales into your business.

You will CAPTURE the traffice through the links or banners on your blog, or capture pages that will capture the prospects information when they land on your capture page to find out more.

Once they enter their infomation, you will have a thank you page that they will be redirected to or a sales presentation for them to watch so that they can begin the process of making a buying decision.

Then in the future you will be building a relationship, finding out what they are interested in and upselling products that would be appropriate for your customers.

Once your team begins to build, you will find that you have attracted some producers that will be working with you and under you and your income will be enhanced by the efforts of your team if that is how your business plan is set up.

Producers become leaders, so you will lead by example, and you will be rewarded with other leaders that wish you join you and be apart of your success in business.

TIMES ARE CHANGING and customers are interested in VALUE BASED Thinking, so make sure any time to communcate with your interested prospects that you solve a problem, answer a question or teach them something FOR FREE… they will begin to like and trust you and when they have a choice of who to do business with … it will be you they recall!

Blogging can be a FREE way that you can generate leads into your business, you need to be generating fresh content daily about your business. Β The BEST advise is to STUDY… DO … and TEACH all at the same time. Β When you learn something new, do it and then teach it in your blog so that others can benifits and you can add value to those that keep coming back to learn more from you.

Be a student and an expert at the same time πŸ™‚


Read one hour each day

Write one hour each day

and Think one hour each day

Your rewards will come!

So a sales funnel is a neccessary business tool and just like pouring honey into the top of a funnel, you will need to pour quite a bit in at the top to see a good amound come out of the bottem and if you only trickle the honey into the funnel… the leads may never make it to the bottom as customers.

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22 comments on “What is a Sales Funnel? How does it work?

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  4. I have to tell you two I laughed when I first saw this term online. And you have done a very good job explaining what it REALLY IS! As usual, you provide us value and I am grateful for it.

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  9. Excellent video and post on breaking down the aspects of a sales funnel so that others can experience long lasting success. Super simple. Love that you mentioned building a relationship too so that they can see even after they’ve made the decision to get involved or become a customer, you’ll be there to continue to assist them by recommending products that will solve problems, etc. This is true leadership. Thanks for sharing such value in the marketplace. πŸ™‚

    • Brian and Felecia thank you so much for stopping by today and also highlighting the importance of the communication and relationship building in this business!

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    • Maria, thank you so much for your feedback on working on a sales funnel in business, wishing you great success in all you do!

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