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How My System Works And Qualifying For Personal Coaching

How My System Work And Personal Coaching Dear Friend, Would you like to me to coach you how to create a lifestyle of time and money fredom? I set aside some

How My System Works And Qualifying For Personal Coaching

Dear Friend,

Would you like to me to coach you on how to create a lifestyle of time, money and freedom?

I set aside some time to talk to each person that is intrested in one on one coaching.

But First

I do not work with just anyone!

We have to have the same beliefs… Or we will waste each others time…

How To Qualify

I require everyone I work with to watch the following video:

After watchig if you like and agree with the thoughts, ideas and beliefs discussed in this video then please move forward…

Step One

Step Two

Lets Get Started


30 comments on “How My System Works And Qualifying For Personal Coaching

  1. Thank you for coaching me! You are amazing and I am so grateful for the help!!

    • Josh & Monica it has been a pleasure to have you on our team, as business owners investing in your future… we are helping people all around the globe with the same vision and goals, glad to have you here with us!

  2. I can’t think of people better positioned for the coaching field than than Jamison and Rachel. Thank you for another great video and post.

    • Thank you Chris, appreciate your votes of confidence, we are having a blast helping our team to reach new levels! We are geared for massive team success and duplication.

  3. Love the way you roll!

  4. Great post you two and I like the Kyosaki approach. Very good.

    • Thanks Tony, we are focused on attracted like minded team members that are ready to make changes and take massive action, we are so excited about all the momentum in our business!

  5. Great post and videos! Thanks for bringing value!

    • Thank you Nester, appreciate your time and comments today… we are excited to share our personal system and coaching with all that are ready to make a change in life and move on to the next quadrant!

  6. This is awesome information Jamison & Rachel to provide to folks that are looking for the right mentor and personal coach. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I really love the video and the way that you bring value to the industry with them, with the right mentor or coach, and the student having the drive and passion to become better, nothing can stop them.

    • Thanks Robert, having the right mindset is vital for speedy success in this business, our team coaching is a way to support our members with reaching their business goals

  8. Great vids brotha! keep doing what you do 🙂

  9. awesome stuff, keep it up

  10. Good work! Like this post! 🙂

    • Thank you Linda for stopping by, our coaching program is moving our team quickly to all new levels in their business, we wish you massive success reaching your business goals and are here if you have any questions.

  11. What a great way to qualify clients! I am sure it’s a great benefit to working with you – clarity in the coaching relationship is pivotal!

    • Absolutely necessary in the business environment we are in right now… the right team makes all the difference and we are so happy to be sharing this information. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Robert Kiyosaki has always been a mentor of mine and I have learned a great deal from him and Kim. So pleased to see you are making the learning of how money works in our lives a priority. Great post, thanks guys :o)

    • Thanks Leanne, we are focused on attracting the right people to our team, and the coaching from Robert Kiyosaki has been a great thing for our mindset with our business… all the changes for the better!

  13. As always, very informative! Thank you for coaching me! You guys are awesome!

  14. Awesome bro, You’ve been and awesome coach for me and my wife. I’m making a Life not a living now and have the freedom to follow are dreams, one big one is I’m going to the World Championship in Slovakia for Ball hockey playing for my country and wouldn’t have be able to do it from all your coaching and help Much love from the Smith family! 🙂

    • Thanks Rob and Adrianna what a privilege it is to have you on our team, your dedication and passion for your family and business is a driving force in your success… Time and freedom its for everyone, lets help as many as we can reach their goals. We appreciate your feedback!

  15. Is this associated with LIFE subscriptions?

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