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Team Coaching III – The Phone App, Syndication, and Collecting Leads

Empower Network Team Coaching

 Team Coaching III – The Phone App, Syndication, and Collecting Leads


1. Phone Application for Empower Network Blog

2. Syndication for your Blogs through Groups on Facebook (Geotargeting),

3. Creating Forms on Aweber to Collect leads into your List Builder

4. Facebook Ad Training-

STEP 1- Download the Phone Application for Empower Network on Your Smart Device

*** Note from Support:  If you are having problems getting your Phone app to work, call in 888-262-1934 and verify the operating system you are using on your smart device.

Do You Have the Phone Application for theEmpower Network Blog?

This Technology is AWESOME… to Be able to blog from your phone and have it upload from your phone, you no longer have to be in front of your computer to submit a video blog, a written blog or a audio blog, it can all be done from your smart phone!

Are you taking advantage of this amazing tool?

Get your phone app installed today, join us!

STEP 2- Are you Sharing your Blogs in Facebook Groups, on Twitter, Instagram, Google +

Syndication for your Blogs through Groups on Facebook (Geotargeting)

Be sure you are taking advantage of the POWER of FACEBOOK groups, we have private team groups where we share and synidacte our blogs for more exposure and content sharing to assist in ranking on all the major search engines.

But look also for groups in your area that would benifit from the information you are blogging on… your products, your receipts, your personal experiences, your live events…

Get Creative, and have as many eyes on your blog as possible.  Drive Traffic and attract more customers.

STEP 3- Are you Back Linking (HyperLinking) behind your Pictures and Key Words…

Creating Forms on Aweber to Collect leads into your List Builder

Be sure once you get your blog set up that you are using the Ad space to attach a LEAD Capture Form here is a sample of what that will look like… all customizable through Aweber or another Lead Management system that will allow you to OWN YOUR LIST…

OR this… is another Sample…

NOTE:  A great way to get more Sign ups… is to make sure all your phones are hyperlinked to your sing in page so that you can capture all the leads coming to your site.

STEP 4- Are You Using Facebook Promoted Posts to Advertise Your Posts….

Facebook Ad Training- Are you Using FACEBOOK for Paid advertisements?  You can spend $3-$10.00 a week and reach 1000’s of people!

If you have questions on how this works… Comment below and we will do an indepth Video Tutorial.

Dedicated to your Success,


Jamison & Rachel Haponenko

16 comments on “Team Coaching III – The Phone App, Syndication, and Collecting Leads

  1. You two are amazing advocates for those of us in the internet marketing business. The information I have gotten from you on blogging has both reinforced what I have been doing and has helped me to move forward on what I have not done and need to be doing for sure. Thank you. I am grateful to you both.

    • Thank You Chris…. while traveling with our kids this phone app proved to be a great resource to help us keep our time free to be together and still work from anywhere 🙂 Also good to review the advertising options to get our teams generating leads right away!

  2. This is a great resource and a lot of information that is so helpful for the online marketer. Thank you Jamison and Rachel for sharing!

  3. Thank you both so much. I have so much more to learn and do.

  4. this is badass stuff!!! get in people. Once you sign up and follow the products, the results will come!

  5. There are so many reasons people should be all over this, and some of them are what you are mentioning here! Great post, and you really pulled the curtain back on what Empower can offer people. Do you blog from your phone?

    • Robert we DO blog from our phone- especially when we are traveling or on the road… its awesome to “talk” your blog into the phone, insert a picture or video and publish without even getting in front of the computer! Do you?

  6. Great post again you two. A positive wealth of useful information here.

  7. I would like to learn more about the Facebook promotions and such! I am using AWebber, no responses yet but I am projecting for positive results! 🙂 Thank you for all of your help! You guys are awesome!

  8. AS a Newbies…we really appreciate this!

    • Great you stopped by Scott and Claudette great to have you here and looking forward to seeing you have massive results in your business! I know you guys are busy, so we are going to help you automate your business to create the time and freedom you deserve with the kids 🙂

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