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Online Business? Avoid Failure 7 Ways

What to Look for when starting an Online Business There are alot of things out there nd then they come and go Almost like the stock market... by the time yo

Online Business? Avoid Failure 7 Ways

What to Look for when starting an Online Business

There are alot of things out there and then they come and go

Almost like the stock market…
by the time you find out what will make you money
its almost too late- everyone has make their money

My Expereince:  Jamison Haponenko

What I look for-

1. coming from a conventional business- I did not want to be apart of a company that is publicly traded
I don’t want to be just a number
if the shareholders are not happy- the compensation plan can be changed overnight

2. Our business has great educational tools
able to get throught he learning curve
nuts and bolts training that change lives

3. If you start an online or offline
you can have multiple streams of income
Make sure its not going to be a distraction for any of your businesses or goals

4. Community is very important
Look for an active team- Hangouts and team events
Global Reach/ International Growth
So much more for marketing, larger opportunity

5.  Marketing system
Make sure all your marketing efforts are helping you grow your business
Have re-sell rights to the products you sell

6. Make sure the company has great, valuable products
Beware of Scams-
Its against the law to have no products- of value…. Beware!
A product can be an electronic product, digitally delivered
Our Products are like a college education on internet marketing

7.  Company Culture and what the company vision is… Does it match your core beliefs?


From Rob Smith:

One of the biggest thing for me:  community
What team will you be joining… make sure no one is left behind
Learn about Multi Level Marketing-
Be sure you can work closely with leadership
follow the leader
I look for ways to leverage my time, my business working on
Our system has business coaches for new members, and I’m able to
work on a system that has global reach, not just Canada and USA
I don’t want to bug my friends and family, I’m looking for a business that
will not require that…
I have followed Jamison for months before I got started in online business
Research before jumping in…
Look at the leadership in any business you join, also the owners of the company
and where they come from… are they humble?
Are they approachable?  Are they keeping the company healthy?
Do they have a good compensation plan and the ability to help everyone,
a marketing system that works.
What type of people does the business attract?
What is the vision of the company?

Our compensation plan includes MLM, Direct Sales and Network Marketing
Our products are customizable for all areas of business
Anyone with desire can do this business… Anyone can succeed
You will be learning skills that will enhance your life and business


From Russ McLean

Starting a business online, make sure it makes sense,
help people understand what your system offers, and
also have an educational product that you have resell
rights to makes sales while learning.. its a perfect storm.
The compensation plan has to make sence too… and that its
a very lucerative reasonable plan that people can duplicate
and help others to learn.
Our system is easy to learn, we have coaching and coaches to
help our new members.  We offer a FREE trail to make it
easy for anyone to decide if they would like to be part of our
You will be able to give others a preview of our system and how
they can reach thier goals using it.
Come in and take a look!

Duplicateable system, many are coming from other programs
that have not worked for them
others are brand new to working online…
Our trial system will help them decide, and explain
what kind of capital or investment will be required.
Treat it like a real business, and you can make money like a real
business… overheat cost is the same if you are making ALOT or a
little in your online business.

Dedicated to your success,


9 comments on “Online Business? Avoid Failure 7 Ways

  1. christa reid

    great post, lots of information

  2. Awesome questions to ask yourself when looking to start an online business. Thanks for sharing what to avoid as well. Love the educational products and the community that EN provides! Top notch! 😉

    • Brian and Felicia, thanks for stopping by and yes online business has many facets, but what an awesome business model. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

  3. Awesome tips for starting an online business Rachel. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. We tend to join because of one mentor, but we tend to stay because of the community…thanks for the reminder!

  5. I love the community of Empower Network and IPAS2. Not only are there people there to help every step of the way but, they have the tools too! Thanks for sharing.

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